Media watchdog NIMF shutting down

National Institute on Media and the Family to close doors after nearly 14 years, marking an end to Video Game Report Card program.


While a rush of huge new releases dominates the gaming world at this time of year, the holiday quarter has also played host to the National Institute on Media and the Family's annual Video Game Report Card. That ends this year, as the NIMF today announced its dissolution, effective December 31.

Manhunt 2 embodied much of what NIMF opposed.
Manhunt 2 embodied much of what NIMF opposed.

NIMF is currently in discussions to have some of its programs and initiatives adopted by other nonprofit organizations, both local and national. However, an NIMF spokesperson confirmed for GameSpot that the Video Game Report Card is not among the continuing programs.

In announcing the group's closure, NIMF founder Dr. David Walsh said that discussions about passing off its programs to other organizations have been taking place for the past two years, but "the current challenging economic environment accelerated those discussions."

Over the years, NIMF frequently butted heads with the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Notably, in the wake of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas "Hot Coffee" scandal, the NIMF labeled the ESRB system "beyond repair." In 2007, when a hacker found a way to restore the M-for-Mature-rated Manhunt 2 to the previously rated AO-for-Adults-Only version, the NIMF took the ESRB to task for failing to keep up with the technology it was rating. (An uncut, AO-rated version on Manhunt 2 was released online earlier this year.)

The watchdog group's tone toward the ratings body softened in recent years, with the 2008 report card giving the ESRB an "A" grade. That assessment came two months after the Entertainment Software Association, which owns the ESRB, awarded the NIMF a $50,000 grant to "develop an online e-learning zone for using the latest interactive technologies to help kids and adults understand the issues and potential areas of concern with the Internet."

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what is nimf?

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I'm late in reading this, but good riddance to them. Adult gamers should not be punished for what parents are lacking in supervision of their children.

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Well they certainity won't be missed...

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Rest in pieces

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Manhunt 3 please!

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Totally agree with partytimekegs

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Considering their reports were laughably inaccurate, it's not a shock.

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sounds like it a might be a good thing not having all there fussing.

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Well at least we won't hear from their ridiculous report card every year. Sorry but the average age of gamers get older every year. People in their 20's and 30's don't really need a report card for videogames. Regardless, the developers should be allowed to create any kind of videogames they want, whether it be entirely kid friendly or extremely harsh and vicious.

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Well now I have something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

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Good riddance.

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Causeless and bored organisations tend to fall one day or another (thinking of PETA), still, NIMF survived 14 years? I would have said less!

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Wow what a bunch of hypocrites. I guess as long as they get theirs (money) they will keep their mouth shut. It is not like I cared or anything but still to let the ESRB off the hook for only 50 grand? At least try to milk more out of them if that is really what their angle was, sheesh.

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Honestly, no one needs a rating system. If you really want to know what is good for your kids.. find out for yourself first and then let them play the game. I guess that is why I was raised with the "If you want something done right you do it yourself" mentality. I don't understand the use of this rating system at all.

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@leria, 100% Agree.

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I've never heard of NIMF until now.

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Goodbye, and good riddance. The ESRB does it better, anyway.

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good riddence

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Rhymes with "Nymph"

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Only $50,000 to by a good rating? Nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey hey hey GOODBYE!

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this isnt a good sign @ all.

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*pumps fists* They deserved it. @Leria: Couldn't have said it better myself.

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score one for games

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Humorguy_basic you have intellect, i live in nyc sex taboo yet violance is ok , i want to move to amstardam & live out my days!

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spOOoOOn, varies by country, but gaming is a window on society, and just lik TV and movies shows us we are more comfortable with violence than sexuality. The Witcher, for example, censored the naked women cards for the U.S. but for Europe they didn't, but nevertheless they were very very soft-core and were only used to hide the actual love making. Any civilization that got used to violence in their entertainment died soon afterwards. When we think of Rome and the animal fights and gladiatorial fights to the death and man versus beast, etc, all came at the end of the Roman civilization.

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manhunt & rockstar are god if there was a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good! We never needed these overly moralistic idiots putting out reviews on games anyway. The ESRB does a damned good job of reviewing games from a neutral viewpoint, though I never listened to their ratings because they were still a little too conservative for my taste.

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In europe we aint uptight about sexuality :o

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Paid off and then double crossed. Why look at world politics to decide if Western Civilization has a future. Just look to gaming, where a game like Dragon Age can have bloody violence, including beheadings, etc, with no problem form society and yet natural (non full-frontal) lovemaking is not allowed and the women to to have their underwear on! We are too comfortable with violence generally, and too uptight sexually. Between these two, I do see the end of Western Civilization!

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It just goes to show that anyone can be paid off!

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@joksterz78 if those other ones can be paid off for as little as 50k like this one, I am not worried.

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Only 50K Dollars for such a bribe? Man, this organization was prude as hell. It didn't even take ESRB that much to shut them up.

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Too bad. Those usually made for entertaining discussions.

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don't worry folks, im sure there will be others willing to its place. Im not celebrating victory yet.

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Victory is ours!

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@HazyNimbus: Fair point. I'm sure the ESA was tired of the ESRB being quite legitimately spanked. Keep your enemies closer, and all that.

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@Sniper LOL

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NIMF gave the ESRB / ESA an A rating after NIMF received $50,000 from the ESRB / ESA. Enough said.

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School out forever

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So...a nonprofit organization took $50,000 in "grant" money in 2008 from ESA, mysteriously gives the ESRB an "A" a year later after YEARS of terrible marks, and then folds. Don't suppose I could get a $50,000 grant from the ESA to teach people there are violent and sexy images out in the big wide world, just to bail a year later...?

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Good bye

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They never knew what videogames are all about. The only thing they did was to talk garbage and be annoying.

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Well First it was jack Thompson now NIMF. Things are looking on the up and up for us gamers!!

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They probably shut down because nothing of what they were aiming for was truly accomplished, making the program pretty much of no benefit and/or purpose, so they decided to hell with it all, let the ESRB just do its job. That's my 2 cents anyway.

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I'll see you in hell NIMF. :P

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Bye NIMF lol. Losers. :D

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ummMMM dont know if this is such a good thing... as it was due to the opinion's of organizations like NIMF, that helped sustain Jack-T as being a wack job to the bloody end of him being thrown under the expulsion for life bus in Florida,- they disagreed with him and refused to support any legislation that was for censorship or if JT supported it....hehe even though i im not a fan of them...gotta like how that turned out...

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Good riddance.

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