Medal of Honor Warfighter beta hits Xbox 360 next month

Pre-release multiplayer trial for Danger Close's new shooter arriving exclusively for Xbox 360 early October; not planned for PS3, PC.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Danger Close's new shooter Medal of Honor Warfighter does not ship until October 23, but gamers won't need to wait that long to try their hand at the game's multiplayer component. Publisher Electronic Arts announced today that a beta for the game will arrive exclusively for the Xbox 360 in early October.

PS3 and PC players will not get the Medal of Honor Warfighter beta.
PS3 and PC players will not get the Medal of Honor Warfighter beta.

An EA representative confirmed that the beta is not coming to the PC or PlayStation 3, and will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription for Xbox 360 users.

"The limited beta program is focused on one platform for Danger Close Games to test various multiplayer components in preparation for the launch on October 23 including online gameplay functionality, enhancements to the free Battlelog social network, and stress testing," the EA representative said.

The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta features a multiplayer mode called HotSpot. In this mode, players attack and defend environments on the Sarajevo Stadium map set in Bosnia. Gamers can choose from 12 squads to enlist as, including the United States Navy SEAL, British SAS, German KSK, Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group, and Korean UDT divisions.

Gamers who download the Medal of Honor Warfighter beta will given 60 minutes of double XP when the game launches in full later in October. Additionally, if the demo hits 3 million downloads, EA will release Linkin Park's "Castle of Glass" music video ahead of its planned launch. The music video was produced as a collaborative effort between members of Linkin Park and Danger Close in association with transmedia company Mothership and animation studio Digital Domain.

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