Medal of Honor Pacific Assault patched again

Single-player gets some polish; multiplayer gets fixes for variety of bugs and exploits.


Electronic Arts' second PC installment in the Medal of Honor franchise received another patch today, this one upgrading the game to version 1.2. Besides modifying some of the single-player levels "to improve product polish," it fixes various bugs and exploits with the multiplayer game.

To upgrade their copy of the game, players will need either the 138MB v1.0-to-v1.2 patch or the 88.5MB v1.1-to-v1.2 patch, both now available from GameSpot DLX.

Specific issues addressed by the patch include fixes that keep players from bypassing class restrictions or from shooting dead players to raise their accuracy. Players also now run faster after holstering their weapons and can bash with bolt-action rifles while rechambering. A full list of the changes made by the patch is available on the GameSpot DLX pages linked above.

For more on Pacific Assault, see GameSpot's full review.

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