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Electronic Arts' upper-tier package coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC with early access to shotguns, exclusive weapon; PS3 gamers get remastered copy of Medal of Honor Frontline.


Medal of Honor
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Sony announced a special edition of Electronic Arts' upcoming modern day shooter, Medal of Honor at its E3 2010 press briefing in June. At the time, it was only noted that the package would be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and would include a remastered version of the PlayStation 2 hit Medal of Honor Frontline.

Today, EA announced a limited edition for all major systems--but one with less tangible bonus content. When the Medal of Honor Limited Edition arrives for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 October 12, it'll come bundled with early access to two shotguns, the TOZ-194 and 870MC2, and an exclusive weapon, the MP7 submachine gun. (Frontline will remain exclusive to the PS3 version.) The limited edition will be the same price as the regular version of the game--$60.

Getting the LE won't cost you more.
Getting the LE won't cost you more.

The first installment in the series not to be set during World War II, Medal of Honor will follow a group of elite commandos called Tier 1 Operators during operations behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. It will be set during the early stages of the still-ongoing war, when the US-backed Northern Alliance was pushing toward victory over the now-resurgent Taliban and their Al-Qaeda allies.

In order to better blend in with the locals, Tier 1 Operators grew bushy beards and wore civilian clothing and will also do so in Medal of Honor. Such outfits were sported by US Special Forces during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, as can be seen in a 2002 Life magazine photo feature, to better blend in with the heavily bearded local population. In 2002, soldiers were ordered to shave, according to CNN.

While EALA will craft Medal of Honor's single-player campaign, another internal studio, EA DICE, will be handling the game's multiplayer mode. The Swedish developer, formerly known as Digital Illusions CE, is renowned for the multiplayer aspect of its Battlefield series and recently won critical accolades for its PS3, 360, and PC shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

For more on the Medal of Honor Limited Edition, check out the trailer for it embedded below.

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