Medal of Honor Frontline update

We have the first in-game screenshots from Medal of Honor Frontline for the PlayStation 2.


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Electronic Arts has released the first in-game screenshots from Medal of Honor Frontline for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game, which is being developed specifically to take advantage of Sony's console, puts the player in the role of Lt. Jimmy Patterson. He must infiltrate the German front line and steal the prototype HO-IX aircraft, which essentially served as the precursor to the current B-2 stealth bombers. The game's plot takes place in between the third and fourth missions of the first Medal of Honor game for the PlayStation. To break up the relative linearity of previous Medal of Honor games, the development team has implemented a variety of elements such as moving vehicles, buddy characters, and broader, more interactive environments.

Medal of Honor Frontline will focus on its story-driven single-player aspects, and it will not feature any complex multiplayer options. The game is currently set for release early next year. Electronic Arts will also release Medal of Honor: Fighter Command, a flight-combat simulator also set in the WWII era, for the PlayStation 2.

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