Medal of Honor Footage Used by Iranian State TV for ISIS Raid Report



According to Gizmodo and France 24, Iranian state TV has recently been airing footage of a Hezbollah sniper killing six ISIS combatants in quick succession. But as it turns out, the Iranian soldier depicted in the video didn't do any of this. In fact, on display here was footage from 2010's Medal of Honor.

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As France 24 points out, there are a number of signs in the video that demonstrate this footage is from the game and not real life. One of these is that a symbol pops up when the sniper lands a headshot. There are also references to different visors players can use in the game shown in the news footage.

Immediately below is the Iranian state TV report, while further down you'll find the relevant gameplay section, starting at around 2:40.

This isn't the first time a TV network has used video game footage where it doesn't belong. In 2012, the BBC accidentally used an image of the UNSC logo from Halo in a news report about the United Nations Security Council. A year later, a Danish TV station selected a picture of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed for a story about Syria.

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