Medal of Honor enlists for PSP

EA's World War II franchise goes portable; Heroes will tell untold tales of characters from previous MoH games.


"One, two, five!" "Three, sir!" "Three!"

Electronic Arts today announced that its prolific World War II franchise, Medal of Honor, is gathering up some new troops. The publisher is sending the series off to fight battles on the PlayStation Portable with Medal of Honor Heroes (working title), which is being developed by EA Canada and deploys this holiday season.

The game will be exclusive to the PSP and feature an all-new storyline with three campaigns. Veterans of the series will recognize several familiar faces in the game, as Heroes will be played from the perspective of characters from past MoH games, such as Lt. Jimmy Patterson (Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor Frontline) and Lt. William Holt (Medal of Honor: European Assault). There will also be 20 additional characters to unlock.

In addition to the single-player game, PSP soldiers will do battle against each other in multiplayer play. Up to 32 players can play in wireless games, with 15 battlegrounds and six multiplayer modes, or have a more intimate local battle with eight players. There will also be skirmish modes to allow on-the-go gamers some quick satisfaction.

Medal of Honor Heroes has not yet been rated or priced. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's Q&A with Peter Choi, a producer at EA.

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Gotta admit the PSP is getting better bit by bit...Syphon Filter, SOCOM, GTA...but it's an EA game so you know it'll suck.

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ok before ppl start sending me hate mail calling me nintendo **** and craplike that, i have a psp, i love the psp, i dont think this game is gonna do well....i think call of duty 3 is comin to the psp and im sure thats gonna be better, im gonna get this but im probably gonna enjoi CoD3 better. cant wait to try it.

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lmfao @ MoH. more EA awfulness.

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another reason to plan on getting a psp. FF, MGS, valkyrie profile, and now's times like these i'm glad i have a credit card

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this and bounty hounds are on my buy list.............. and i still need to get a wii time for a job.

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Dear Nintendo fanboys, Quit bashing the PSP! The graphics are 10 times better than they are on the DS, have you even seen how bad DS graphics are??? And all you people complaining about originality, look at ALL the DS games! Half of them alone are just MARIO. Wow, real original N!ntend0.

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Artcle: Veterans of the series will recognize several familiar faces in the game, as Heroes will be played from the perspective of characters from past MoH games... Translation: Veteran PSP users will realize they are being dealt a game with rehashed missions and character models, despite the promise of a new storyline. Article: ...all-new storyline... Translation: New framework story to tie together said rehashed missions. See: Splinter Cell Essentials. I love the PSP, but anytime EA promises to bring new content to the system I take it with a grain of salt. But to those who complain about their system collecting dust or rolling their eyes over another crappy PSP game haven't been playing Tekken or Valkyire Profile and are most likely trolling DS fanboys.

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I need to get a PSP

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PSP has been heating up as of late! i cant wait!

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this will be great and people who say shooters suck on psp thats not true the controls are wired at first yes but there easy to get used to to me coded arms took a minute to get used to the controls and same as battlefront 2 trust me when this game comes out i will be at it in seconds

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the traiiler looks great!

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graphics look pretty good for psp

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PSP gets another crap game. Nothing new.

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Great job EA. 32 players on-line...............BANANAS!

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Hey the game trailer: << LINK REMOVED >>

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I dont mean to bash, but seriously FPS's are not made well to play on a PSP. In my opinion it should consist of RPG's, Racing, Sports, and other things like that. The PSP has great graphics and audio, but come on people... it's lacking in the controls for an FPS. PSP is probably the first system with lacking controls to get an FPS. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this to heart.

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reetesh, coded arms didn't do it well, that game was a chore to play. I'd be excited about this news if there wasn't the ever present problem of poor control with the psp nub. Let's hope they figure a good control scheme out.

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It will beeven more hard to control FPS in PSP(wonder how coded arms did it)

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Well I am happy to see a new game on the PSP and Medal of Honor will be a great one to add to the PSP.

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Cool another online shooter for the PSP, 32 player online support is awesome especially on a portable. Original work a big plus, really something to look forward too! Man there are too many haters, if you dont care for the psp that's fine why keep trying to down it. Oh and the psp cant handle shooter (fps and 3ps) Syphon filter, Socom,Coded Arms, Starwars Battlefronts 2, Miami Vice, all control great on the PSP all it takes is alittle adjustment from console fps dual analog control to PSP single analog and face button controls.

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that ia the one and only screen shot for a working title. with a little more texture and detail it will look great. And i am sure they will add it in. PLus like someone already said that shot wasnt taken from a psp screen.

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Also not to mention the screen shot is 3 times the size of a PSP screen, and most likely not even close to final specs. Heck it's even anti-aliased!

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Wow, I can't believe the losers on here hating the 1 screenshot on here. The game isn't even finished and you're calling it a DS looking game. Have you even seen DS's graphics, c'mon.

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EMH88 said: PSP and FPS? NAAAAAAAAAH. It just cannot work. HAHAH look at syphon filter also ya agree with you LOL :lol:

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Cool...Medal Of Honor portable.

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Wow whats wrong with some of you people, where were you when GBA was out or GB, I didnt hear complaining about their graphics, just be glad you can tell what things are in PSP games and not just some blob like some other handheld systems dang.

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PSP and FPS? NAAAAAAAAAH. It just cannot work.

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Shtinky i'm liking that art style -- and i don't even know what the hell it is... is that cel shading?? No, those r what u call some pretty Sh*ty graphics

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cant wait 4 this one , finally psp is getting some good games , not ports from the ps2

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Wow... I hope they polish it some more, cus the graphics aren't looking to good. I guess as long as the game is fun, graphics don't matter.... but seriously, if they are going to leave the game looking like it is, just put it on the DS. I'm sure the DS can handle the current graphics shown in that picture, and atleast it would offer more persice shooting. I won't be picking this up on DS or PSP either way. WWII just ain't my thing. Besides, with all these other great games coming for PSP and a few for DS, not to mention Wii and PS3 coming at the end of this year, there won't be any time in my schedual for many shooters.

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Sweet.....Online Sounds CRAZY!

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well i think my psp is gonna be happy that he ain't gonna collect dust anymore

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hmm. Pretty horrible graphics from the look of the screen shot, FPS are hard on psp considering the lack of a second analog. hmm. we'll hjave to see.

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i'm liking that art style -- and i don't even know what the hell it is... is that cel shading??

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Does anyone noticed that suddenly we are saying great games for PSP. Beware DS 2007.

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good, PSP still alive and in a big way

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32 player matches! :D That's probably why the soldiers are low poly but hey, I won't complain as long as it's a solid shooter and online shooter :)

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Man they keep adding great new titles to the PSP:)

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Graphics look pretty horrible.

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thats good news, the psp is getting attention, so a mess around mode for 10mins + a full story. sounds good so far.

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no 2nd analog means lame fps

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another WWII shooter!! HOW ORIGINAL! i cant wait this game is going to be NOTHING like the other 31 other WWII shooters. so awesome. cant wait. im gonna go pre-order this right now. bye.

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Im interested...

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very nice...cant wait to try this out

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Not bad...

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Now THAT is cool! Infrastructure mode please!

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Good news for my PSP :D

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Awesome news!