Medal of Honor Breakthrough demo coming

EA reveals that a multiplayer demo for the next Medal of Honor Allied Assault expansion is due out in early September.


Electronic Arts has informed us that a two-map multiplayer demo for Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough will be released on September 9. One of the maps, Anzio, will be playable in the new liberation multiplayer mode, while the other map, Palermo, is designed for free-for-all play.

The team-based liberation mode is similar to the jailbreak mods available for other action games and has downed players respawn in prison, where they're locked up until freed by teammates. It's possible to destroy the opposing team's headquarters to stop the team from respawning. There's also the option to play as a minesweeper who is capable of placing and detecting landmines.

The demo will provide an early look at the new weapons in the expansion. These include: Bomba a Mano S.R.C.M. Model 35 (Italian frag grenade), Bomba a Mano Breda Model 35 F (Italian smoke grenade), Beretta Model 34 (standard Italian sidearm), Carcano Model 91 (standard-issue rifle for the Italian army), Lee Enfield No. 4 MK1(T) (British-made sniper rifle), Moschetto Automatico Beretta Model 38A (highly prized Italian SMG), Vickers Berthier MK3B (British-made light machine gun), and Piat Antitank Weapon (British bazooka).

We'll have more on the demo in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the screenshot of the Palermo and Anzio maps posted above.

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