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MechWarrior Online patch adds 12 vs. 12 combat

New update to also include new Hero mech and new map.


Infinite Game Publishing and developer Pirahna Games announced today that the latest patch for MechWarrior Online will introduce 12 vs. 12 combat to replace the current 8 vs. 8 mode.

MechWarrior fans can check out the new mech Kintaro this week.
MechWarrior fans can check out the new mech Kintaro this week.

The game's creative director, Bryan Ekman, said that the new combat format would give players more options for creating strategies and new attacks and defense schemes. The latest update also introduced a new Hero Mech called Kintaro (or "Golden Boy"). The new offense-heavy mech has a 30 percent C-bill bonus and carries three SRM-6s, two SRM-4s, and four medium pulse lasers.

The patch also brought in a new map called Terra Therma, which is a surface of a moon where volcanoes erupt and the ground shifts at times. Full details of the patch are listed on the official post.

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