MDK2 HD hits PCs next month

High-def makeover for BioWare-developed action game set to launch exclusively on digital distribution storefront Beamdog for $15.


One of BioWare's first games is getting a high-definition facelift next month. Overhaul Games today announced that it is ready to release MDK2 HD for PCs next month.

MDK2 HD features three main characters and three distinct styles of gameplay.
MDK2 HD features three main characters and three distinct styles of gameplay.

A high-definition remake of the original 2000 action game, MDK2 HD features tweaked visuals, audio, and gameplay. As for what hasn't been changed, the game still follows the trio of Max, Doc Hawkins, and Kurt as they repel an alien invasion. The protagonists feature their own dedicated levels with a different focus tailored to their unique abilities. Kurt's high-tech coil suit lets him glide through levels, with a long-zooming sniper functionality that puts nearly any enemy within range. As the brains of the outfit, Doc Hawkins will be faced with an abundance of puzzling predicaments, while the Uzi-toting, six-legged, cigar-smoking canine Max is best suited for run-and-gun tactics.

MDK2 HD will launch in September exclusively on the downloadable game storefront Beamdog. Once live, the game will be available for $15. For those who can't wait for an HD edition of the game, MDK2 is already available on the Wii's WiiWare service. Additionally, Beamdog sells the standard definition version of the game for $7.

For more on MDK 2, check out GameSpot's review of the PC original.

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