MCM Expo Saturday Stage Show May 2012

Saturday saw Persona 4: Arena being confirmed for Europe, Transformers Universe, a Dead or Alive 5 tournament, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lego Batman 2 and more.


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11 a.m. Star Wars: The Old Republic Demo and Q&A -- 00:05 into the live stream embedded above.
12 p.m. Transformers Universe Demo and Q&A -- 01:08 into the live stream.
1 p.m. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Demo and Q&A -- 02:01 into the live stream.
2 p.m. Dead or Alive 5 Tournament finale -- 03:18 into the live stream.
3 p.m. Sleeping Dogs Demo and Q&A -- 04:10 into the live stream.
3.30 p.m. Persona 4 Arena Annoucement and Q&A -- 04:42 into the live stream.
4 p.m. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Demo and Q&A -- 05:05 into the live stream.
5 p.m Tales of Graces f Presentation -- 06:02 into the live stream.
5.30 p.m. Ni no Kuni Presentation -- 06:33 into the live stream.

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