McDonald's Unleashes The Grease-Resistant McCrispy Gaming Chair

A chair fit for a Battle McRoyale champ.


There's no shortage of branded gaming chairs on the market right now, and if you're looking for a seat that can provide plush comfort and protection from the terror of fast food grease, then Mcdonald's might have what you're looking for. The burger chain is throwing its golden arches into the market with the McCrispy, a gaming chair that combines questionable color aesthetics with an emphasis on storing your food while you're engaged in a round of Apex Legends or any of your other usual games.

What makes this chair stand out--aside from the fact that it comes with fries and dip holders--is that it includes a "burger heat zone" to keep your quarter-pounder toasty and ready for deployment straight into your mouth between gaming rounds.

Winner winner, chicken nugget dinner.
Winner winner, chicken nugget dinner.

The other notable selling point is that the plush support features a grease-proof treatment on the leather materials, so any stray squirts of ketchup and mustard can be easily wiped off the surface. But the stain-shame will remain… forever.

Other than that, this looks to be your standard gaming chair. The design is familiar, it's dressed up in McDonald's colors, and it contains a lumbar support pillow which can slowly ruin your spine if you sit for too long. If you want to get your buns on it, you'll need a little bit of luck as McDonald's is giving four of these chairs away as part of a Facebook competition.

This isn't the first time that McDonald's has ventured into gaming as the company has run several Pokemon Happy Meal promotions recently, which have regularly been ruined by adults looking to scalp childhood nostalgia and toys designed specifically for children.

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