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McDonald's Rick And Morty Sauce Is Back And This Time It Has A Podcast--No, Seriously

McDonald's having a podcast about dipping sauce is one of the signs of the apocalypse, right?


It's like Serial but for McDonald's promotional failures. The hamburger chain is bringing its infamous Szechuan sauce--made popular by an episode of Rick and Morty--back for one day only. This time, however, the fast food giant is hoping the release won't go as badly as last time.

"Szechuan sauce returns 2/26! 20 MILLION CUPS spread across all US McD's," McDonald's announced in a tweet. The company has also released a three-episode podcast titled The Sauce, which goes inside the botched previous release of the sauce that left Rick and Morty fans angry. The podcast, which is a co-production of Onion Labs and Studio@Gizmodo, can be downloaded here.

So now the Adult Swim series has not only brought back a dipping sauce from the dead, it's led to a podcast about said sauce. That's pretty impressive for a sauce initially created to promote the 1998 movie Mulan that literally everyone except for the team at Rick and Morty forgot existed.

While you wait for the next release of the prized sauce on February 26, take a look at GameSpot's taste test from last October. The consensus is that the sauce isn't all that great, which makes the mania surrounding it even more entertaining.

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