Mayans MC Takes Aim At Sons Of Anarchy Fans

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays on FX.

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It's no secret that Mayans MC has been loaded with Easter eggs from and nods to the Sons of Anarchy universe the show is set in, which is undoubtedly exciting for fans of FX's original motorcycle club series to see. In the show's latest episode, though, the show took aim at some fans that might take the world of Sons of Anarchy a little bit too far.

In the new installment, titled "Xaman-Ek," EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) are on a road trip when encounter a strange motorcycle club neither have heard of before. Two members of the club try to intimidate the Mayans, proclaiming the bikers are on their turf. Showing that the Mayans aren't to be messed with, Angel pulled a gun and chastised the duo that didn't know any better.

"You poser f***ing douchebags. You guys watch some bulls*** TV show and think a vest and two wheels makes you a club," he mocked, clearly making reference to those who saw Sons of Anarchy and decided starting a biker gang was easy to do. "Hmm. I'm guessing Brad and Todd here got all their totally awesome gym bros filling up their table."

"Jesus, man, you guys are an embarrassment," he concluded before himself and EZ rode away.

That wasn't the end of that particular plot, though. The Reyes brothers later ran into the small-time gang again, this time with their entire membership. Again, Angel went for his gun and fired off a couple of shots to attract the attention of police, before leading the low-level club on a chase through town. When law enforcement tracks them down, the elder Reyes points out to the rival gang the credo of "patches over badges," meaning even clubs at war will ceasefire when it comes to getting away from the law.

At that point, the "poser douchebags" broke off from the Mayans, claiming this quarrel wasn't over. While it likely will come back to bite EZ and Angel in the future, it was a clear victory for the titular club over the fanboys. Angel, a tried and true outlaw biker, knew the bullets he fired would draw in the police and would force the local gang to take off. While EZ may be considered the genius in his family, it's Angel that is smart to the ways of the MC world--and protective of it to those who think they can just claim their stake in it.

This is a moment that serves as a public service announcement to fans of Sons of Anarchy that may have taken their love for the show far enough to hope on a bike and throw on a kutte. The world of outlaw motorcycle clubs is very real and very serious. Those who inhabit it may not take kindly to those playing biker and infringing on something they hold dear.

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays on FX.

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They ‘aughtta do an episode where regular townsfolk berate the Mayans by telling ‘em to grow up and get a fuckin’ job. The irony of grown ass men riding motorcycles, committing crimes and wearing leather telling grown ass men riding motorcycles, wearing leather committing crimes what’s what...

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At least SOA actually has fans

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What so if I have a SOA cut I wear I'm some kind of wannabe douchbag? No I'm a huge fan of SOA! Eat a bag of Dicks!

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This show sucks!

Avatar image for vgdork

@costanzamania: I too like to ride, even started my own MC on Mario Kart. Lots of posers though. Sorry bitches, not everyone gets to be shy-guy! And you there in the kart...this is an MC, why did you pick a kart?

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@gary_was_a_racecar_driver: God darn coloreds comin in here takin our jobs!!!

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Avatar image for cjtopspin

Horrible quality but the message is true:

Avatar image for darthbluntsaber

"Gloriously takes down son of anarchy fans" seems like a bit of an oversell for the headline... seems a lot like clickbait

Avatar image for gamerforlife96

@darthbluntsaber: exactly

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I like to hope on a bike as well.

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@tinyjotun: When I hope on mine to go for a ride, I always hop I don't get hit by some jerk paying more attention to his phone than his driving.

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Very cool article. ill be on the look out for this game. this is looking like Game of the Year