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Mayans MC: Sons Of Anarchy Cliffhanger Sets Up Bloody Season 3

Mayans MC will return for Season 3, and it's bringing Sons of Anarchy with it.

If you thought the second season of Mayans MC was going to end with any sort of peace, you couldn't have been more wrong. As per usual in this universe of shows that began with Sons of Anarchy, the Season 2 finale ended in a hail of bullets and blood, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as they wait for the next season to premiere. At the very least, we now know there will be a Season 3 of the series, even after the firing of co-creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Mayans MC Season 2 finale, titled "Hunahpu." If you haven't seen the episode yet and don't want to be spoiled, avert your eyes now. Otherwise, keep on reading as we dig deep into that massive cliffhanger.

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There's a lot to dissect from the episode, whether it's the deal EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) made with Potter (Ray McKinnon), or the Mayans going rogue against the rest of the club to exact revenge for the death of Riz in the last episode. The thing we need to talk about, though--and the thing that will surely be a massive focus next season--is what happens now that the Mayans have accidentally killed a member of the Sons of Anarchy.

One of Jax Teller's (Charlie Hunnam) final acts on Sons of Anarchy was to finally put the long war between the Sons and the Mayans to rest. Since then, the two clans have had an alliance that has been very useful to the Mayans. After carrying out an assault on a Vatos Malditos gathering--behind the backs of the Mayans kings--the Santo Padre chapter realized that among those they gunned down was someone with a Sons patch.

We don't see who was killed or what charter they're from. It doesn't really matter, though. To the Sons of Anarchy, this is practically a declaration of war--and it's one that is sure to be bloody.

While EZ may have finally earned his patch in the finale, he now finds himself in a very dangerous place. His charter went against the wishes of the club to kill a rival gang and also managed to spark what will likely become a war with their greatest allies.

Dangerous times are ahead for the Mayans. However, it's an exciting time to be a fan of this universe. A war with the Sons likely means even more Sons of Anarchy guest stars next season. Perhaps, at long last, we'll get to see the return of Tig (Kim Coates), who was SAMCRO's vice president by the time Sons of Anarchy came to a close.

Mayans will most likely return in 2020 on FX.

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