Mayans MC Season 3 Trailer Is Filled With Death, Violence, And Sons Of Anarchy Connections

The first Mayans MC Season 3 trailer is here and it seemingly kills off a Sons of Anarchy member.


A new season of FX's Mayans MC is only weeks away. The third season of the Sons of Anarchy sequel series launches March 16 and now, thanks to the first full trailer for the upcoming episodes, we have some idea of what to expect--and it's going to get messy after that Season 2 cliffhanger that left a Sons of Anarchy member dead.

To get you up to speed, given that it's been well over a year since the last new episode, Season 2 of Mayans MC ended with the titular motorcycle club shooting up the house of a rival gang, inadvertently killing a member of SAMCRO, the flagship charter of the Sons of Anarchy club. The face of the murdered member isn't shown. However, the Mayans members that carried out the attack react in a way to make it clear this is going to have major ramifications moving forward.

Now, in the trailer, which you can see below, things seem more dire than ever. After being fully patched into the Mayans crew, EZ (JD Pardo) is becoming darker and more violent, as he's seen senselessly beating somebody while the rest of the club watches on. There's also plenty of carnage and dead bodies, whether hung by the neck or show hunched over on their own motorcycles.

What's most interesting about this clip is the connections it has to Sons of Anarchy. After the Season 2 finale, you'd think the crew would be centerstage. However, the focus is instead on the internal strife between the various Mayans chapters.

Still, there is something that will certainly get fans talking. The one Sons of Anarchy character seen in the trailer is Montez (Jacob Vargas), who joined the club late in the original series. In his scene, he offers a simple warning: "One wrong move could start a war. That's immediately followed by what looks to be his execution via a plastic bag over the head by a Mayan.

While the fight within the ranks of the Mayans MC may be the primary story this season, that one scene makes it clear that relations between the club and the Sons of Anarchy aren't going to get better anytime soon.

Mayans MC Season 3 premiered on FX on March 16.

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