Maxis not part of SimCity Societies

EA confirms new PC title will be developed by Children of the Nile shop Tilted Mill; due Holiday 2007.


SimCity Societies

It's been more than four years since the last all-new SimCity game, the SimCity 4: Rush Hour expansion pack, hit store shelves. Today, though, Electronic Arts confirmed the series will return with an all-new installment, SimCity Societies. The game will be released solely for PCs this coming holiday season, with a price and rating to be announced.

One thing that will definitely be different about SimCity Societies is its developer. With series creator Maxis currently split between working on Spore and churning out Sims expansions, indie shop Tilted Mill Entertainment is taking over. Most famous for its ancient civilization sim Children of the Nile, the Massachusetts-based company is excited about assuming the helm of such a high-profile franchise.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this venerable series, are extremely proud of what we have put together," Tilted Mill president and director of development Chris Beatrice said in a blog post.

Beatrice also revealed that SimCity Societies will differ from previous SimCity titles--though he wouldn't say exactly how. "This SC is not a realistic urban simulation," he bluntly said. An EA rep would only say that the title will move the series "in a new and exciting direction" that would "take the franchise back to its roots, and create an accessible, flexible game that will continue to appeal to avid SimCity fans, as well as attract new players to the franchise."

GameSpot will have more details on SimCity Societies as they become available.

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