Maxis Lowers Prices, Reports Financial Results

Sim-creator Maxis will lower prices on their titles, and announces financial results for the last quarter.


If the Sim City series is your kind of game, or you dig Maxis' games but thought they were too pricey to buy them all, you're in luck. Maxis is now offering most of their games at a reduced price through their website. The average reduction throughout Maxis' 130-title library is 14 percent, although many game prices have been slashed in half. On June 1, Maxis will hold a "Summer Meltdown" through their site, offering titles for additional discounts.

"Maxis would like to make the online buying experience for the customer as intuitive and friendly as possible," said Robin Harper, Maxis' vice president of marketing. "With the new lower prices and shorter delivery time, we hope to break some of the barriers that currently exist to online purchasing."

In related Maxis news, the company announced their revenue figures for the most recent fiscal quarter. The company's net revenues increased to $12.4 million for the fourth quarter, compared to $12.2 million for the same quarter last year. Net revenues for fiscal year 1997, which ended on March 31, landed at $48.3 million, lower than the $55.4 million of the previous year.

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