Max Steel Dark Dawn Preview

Max Steel, star of his own show on the WB Network, will soon find a home on the Dreamcast with an action-adventure game all his own.


Max Steel, star of his own show on the WB Network, will soon find a home on the Dreamcast. Based on the popular cartoon and toy line, this Mattel Interactive game will feature a storyline that is easily accessible to fans of the show and gameplay that will attract people who are not familiar with Max's adventures on TV.

In the game, Max is out to rescue his adopted father from Dawn Shadow, an operative of the high-tech terrorist group DREAD. Little does Max know that Dawn Shadow is also out to turn the entire world into zombie slaves. Max must save his father, destroy Dawn's hideout, and save the world, in that order. Max, however, has nanotechnology on his side to help him overcome his enemies.

Developed by Treyarch, this third-person action-adventure will contain eight missions filled with fast-paced action and puzzle solving. There will also be multiple solutions to the in-game obstacles.

In the nearly complete version we played, Max Steel runs at well over 30fps with no slowdown present. Character animations are also very fluid, with Max boasting over 65 unique motions. The game also features some interesting dynamic lighting and particle effects that add to the overall feel of the game.

Max Steel is slated for a holiday season release. Look to GameSpot for continuing coverage.

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