Max Payne Turns 20 Years Old Today, Remedy Celebrates With A Familiar Jacket

Happy birthday, Max Payne.


Max Payne is officially 20 years old this month, marking a major milestone for the Remedy Entertainment-developed game. To celebrate the occasion, Remedy's creative director--as well as the co-writer and face of the game--Sam Lake teamed up with Payne's original voice actor James McCaffrey and a very familiar leather jacket to bring the troubled detective back for a brief monologue.

The first game in the Max Payne trilogy was a groundbreaking experience at the time, as it combined a neo-noir narrative with action that had been inspired by The Matrix and Hong Kong action cinema, particularly the films directed by John Woo. Take-Two purchased the Max Payne IP for $34 million in 2002, and a Remedy-developed sequel to the first game, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, would arrive in 2003.

Fans would have to wait until 2012 for Max Payne 3, but there was a poorly-received feature film adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg that was released in 2008 that nobody wants to remember.

Developed by Rockstar Games with Remedy serving as consultants, Max Payne 3 also introduced a multiplayer mode to the series that managed to incorporate the trademark bullet-time feature of the game into its competitive online offerings.

Since then, the franchise has been dormant as Rockstar Games focused on Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, while Remedy worked on other projects such as Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control, which also starred McCaffrey.

The studio is busy right now on multiple projects, such as a single-player mode for the online shooter Crossfire, new games that will be connected to both Control and Alan Wake, and a multiplayer Control spin-off.

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