Max Payne 2 ships

Gritty shooter sequel to open fire on PCs tomorrow.


Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

The first big gun of Q4 locked and loaded today, as Max Payne 2 shipped out to stores. Gamers can pick up the PC version as of Wednesday for $49.99 retail. The Xbox and PS2 versions of the game are slated for release on December 2.

Gamers' expectations for Remedy and Rockstar's sequel are among the highest of the year. Sporting the same gritty, noirish atmosphere as its best-selling predecessor, the third-person shooter is touted as featuring improved graphics, better AI, and an updated version of its "bullet time" feature. The game's story also features a new twist, giving the titular detective a love interest in the form of Mona, a sultry murder suspect.

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