Mawaru Made in Wario teaser site opens

Visitors to the teaser site are treated to spinning Warios, as the game's translated title implies.


TOKYO--Nintendo has opened a teaser Web site for its upcoming Game Boy Advance game, Mawaru Made in Wario. Appropriate to the title, which translates to "Spinning WarioWare Inc.," the new WarioWare game is reportedly played by turning, moving around, and tilting the GBA itself. A sensor attached to the game will pick up the device's movement and will relay it to the game. As such, the Japanese teaser for Mawaru Made in Wario features several objects that can be rotated with the mouse. Mawaru Made in Wario is slated for release in Japan on October 14 at a retail price of 4,800 yen ($43).

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