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Matt Rorie, Boss of Bosses

Enter the dark, dangerous world of video game strategy guides with Matt Rorie, Boss of Bosses! GameSpot's resident Guides Editor has a difficult job to be sure. But he's ready and willing to take on gaming's worst so you can see bad game endings more quickly and often.


The Premiere Episode!

Enter the dark, dangerous world of video game strategy guides in our special video, "Matt Rorie, Boss of Bosses"! Walk a mile in the shoes of GameSpot's Guides Editor as he plies his trade, eliminating gaming's toughest enemies with the precision of a surgeon--then explaining the process with the collected demeanor of a professor / private eye!! (...Look, just watch the show, OK?)

"Hard times are ahead. When I signed on to do GameSpot's dirty work, I didn't take them for a bunch of amateurs. Never thought I could feel so needed, but so unwanted. The work, though, it gives me clarity. Purpose. The deal is dead simple: These people, they set 'em up...and I knock 'em down.

Bosses. They come in all shapes and sizes. Got wings and claws and fangs and guns and blinking eyes and things. Horns, Kevlar, muscles, the works. I've seen them all before, played out every scenario in my head a thousand times prior to putting the ugly bastards to bed for real. Hard times, like I said. But I've never met a boss I couldn't beat. Got a problem? Look me up, I'll see what I can do." --MER

Do you think Rorie has what it takes to live up to the title Boss of Bosses? Got a bone to pick with a particular boss and need Matt's help? Leave a comment, but remember! Those who upload boss fight videos tagged as help me boss of bosses will have their cases considered first.

The Rorie Round-Up

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So you say there's nothing scarier than the thought of an angry military maniac trying to stab you to death. That can only mean you've never crossed blades with this particular individual, who's a cut above your worst nightmare.
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What's worse than one possessed demon-blade-wielding statue? Two possessed demon-blade-wielding statues. And while we'd love to tell you that these guys aren't as scary as they look, we'd be lying if we did.
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There's something about this unholy- Mary. Between her razor-sharp wings and her telekinetic powers, make no mistake--it's not her looks that kill. Is there any way to avoid this fiendish lady's relentless attacks?
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This old man, he played many. You don't want to get anywhere near this individual, and there's a good chance you couldn't even if you tried. He's got a sniper rifle, an eagle eye, and seemingly all the time in the world...

Submit Your Boss Battles

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Got a boss problem? Let's see what you're up against. Submit a video and suffer no more ignoble defeats--the Boss of Bosses will be looking out for you. Be sure to tag your video, "help me boss of bosses".

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