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Matt Reeves' Batman Movie Likely Going Forward Without Ben Affleck

Who is the Batman?


The wild world of the DC movies universe is very hard to predict. We know for sure that Wonder Woman is getting a sequel, while Shazam and Aquaman have standalone movies on the way. Beyond that, there are no official release dates set in stone for anything.

However, the movie universe is still continuing to form behind the scenes--especially where Batman is concerned. While there are reported to be two Joker movies, a Harley Quinn-led Birds or Prey film, and numerous other projects in the works, there's been little said recently about the state of The Batman, which is being written and directed by Matt Reeves.

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Until now, that is. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reeves has turned over the first act of his screenplay, and it's believed the project centers on a younger Batman. If that's the case, chances are Ben Affleck is actually leaving the cowl behind.

Thus far, Affleck has appeared in three movies as the Caped Crusader--Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League--but it's been reported for months that the actor was looking to make his exit from the franchise. Initially, it was Affleck himself that was writing and directing The Batman, before he stepped away from the helm and was replaced with Reeves.

Given that Justice League was not considered a box office success--it earned $657 worldwide, compared to the $2 billion and counting made by Avengers: Infinity War--it shouldn't come as a surprise that the winds could be changing at Warner Bros., as far as their DC film universe goes.

That said, nothing is official yet. Until Warner Bros. announces a new actor to take on the role of Batman, who knows what will happen? In the meantime, get excited about the arrival of Aquaman on December 21.

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