Matt Damon Turned Down "A Bunch Of Money" For Bourne Game Because He Didn't Want It To Be An FPS

Damon wanted the game to be a puzzle title more like Myst, so he declined to lend his voice and likeness to the project.


Matt Damon has spoken about turning down "a bunch of money" to work on The Bourne Conspiracy video game because he wanted it to be more than a first-person shooter.

Appearing on Hot Ones, Damon was asked to confirm if it's true that he declined to be in the game because he wanted it to be more like 1993 game Myst. It is true, and that's why his voice and likeness was not used in the game, which was released in 2008.

"I just didn't want to do just a first-person shooter," he said. "They offered me a bunch of money. But I was like, 'If you could make it more ... a little more thought had to go into it. Like Myst.' I love that game. So I was like, 'More like Myst.' They were like, 'No,' and just went and made it without me [laughs]."

Damon reportedly told The Boston Globe that he "lobbied hard" to make The Bourne Conspiracy game more like Myst, which is a puzzle game.

The Bourne Conspiracy game was developed by High Moon Studios. Developer Meelad Sadat told MTV News that the company never sat down with Damon, though an offer was extended to him for his involvement. After Damon declined, High Moon "decided to move away from celebrity involvement and take our Bourne into an original direction."

Jeffrey Pierce voiced Jason Bourne in the game; he went on to voice Tommy in The Last of Us series.

As for the Bourne movie series, the last movie in the series was 2016's Jason Bourne. Whether not the series continues with a sixth installment remains to be seen.

Damon's latest movie is Stillwater, in which he plays an oil rig worker who goes to France to help save his daughter (Abigail Breslin). It's directed by Spotlight's Tom McCarthy and is in theaters now.

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