Matrix Games to publish Squad Assault

Matrix Games announces that it will publish Freedom Games' upcoming strategy game set in World War II. First screens inside.


Matrix Games has today announced that it will publish Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front, which is currently in development at Freedom Games. The strategy game is set in World War II and will allow players to command troops in both the Allied and German armies.

"Eric Young has designed and developed many of our favorite strategy games, including the V for Victory series, the World at War series, and the Close Combat series," said David Heath, director of operations at Matrix Games. "He is truly one of the leaders in his field. We are confident that Squad Assault: West Front will join his previous award-winning efforts in the historical wargaming genre. Our alliances and partnerships will ensure that Squad Assault reaches the widest possible audience."

Although Squad Assault: West Front is primarily designed to be played in real time, the game will have a user-defined auto-pause feature for order entry and battlefield assessment. It's hoped that the inclusion of this feature will appeal to gamers who prefer turn-based strategy games.

No release date has been announced for Squad Assault: West Front at this time, but for more information on the game you might like to check out the game's official site.

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