Master P, Seth Green developing hip-hop RPG

Curious pairing of rapper-turned-real estate mogul and <i>Robot Chicken</i> star are aiming to release a music-industry-themed game in 2009.


No, that headline is not a misprint. Today's Hollywood Reporter contains a story about one of the oddest projects in show business history. The trade reports that onetime music mogul Master P, who has recently focused on real estate, and actor Seth Green, costar of the Austin Powers films and cocreator of TV show Robot Chicken, are codeveloping a game.


Titled Play the Industry, the game is being developed by Stoopid Monkey Productions and ShadowMachine Films, the TV production companies behind the Cartoon Network series Robot Chicken and Moral Orel. The two will partner with P Miller Enterprises, the investment company Master P set up to fund his various nonmusic ventures, which include real estate holdings, a fast food franchise, a sports management firm, and a phone sex line. Master P--real name Percy Miller--has also been giving wealth creation seminars at the Learning Annex.

As for the game itself, Play the Industry will be a hip-hop-themed role-playing game that will see players earn fame and fortune as a musician, professional athlete, or "power broker." "You can play agent, you can play mogul, you play all sorts of different characters," Stoopid Monkey head Matthew Seinrech told the Reporter.

Currently, the three companies are pitching Play the Industry to developers. The aim is for it to be on as many platforms as possible, with a release target of 2009. Seinrech said that the far-off release date is a reflection of the three companies' desire to make a quality game.

"We really want to take the time and make sure we do this right," Senreich said. "But the good thing we have going into this is we are developing the creative ahead of time, and we're very close to having that up and running."

If the Play the Industry is successful, its creators plan to develop a motion picture, reality show, and clothing line based on the game.

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