Massively Multiplayer Star Wars Game a Reality

LucasArts announces partnership with Verant for a 2001 online Star Wars game.


GameSpot reported the rumors of a massively multiplayer online Star Wars game many months ago, but now LucasArts has officially announced the project. The game, which has no title yet, will be developed by Verant and published by LucasArts. It will be played exclusively on The The game will be a role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe, although at this time we don't know whether it will be set in the Episode I or classic Star Wars time frame.

Indications are that the game will support "thousands" of players online and will offer many quests and specialized missions. Gamers have been eagerly anticipating the confirmation of this game since we reported the rumors last year. A Star Wars role-playing game has been on the wish-list for many gamers over the years, and it seems only natural that LucasArts would partner with the makers of the popular online RPG, EverQuest, to make this dream a reality.

Says Simon Jeffrey, president of LucasArts, "The combined expertise of LucasArts, Verant, and Sony Online Entertainment will bring to gameplayers an incredibly dynamic online gaming experience worthy of Star Wars. The immensity and richness of the Star Wars universe lends itself ideally to a game of this nature."

CEO and president of Verant, John Smedley, had this to say, "We couldn't possibly ask for a better universe in which to create a massively multiplayer game. Star Wars offers such an incredible amount of depth and detail that we'll be able to create a place for fans to feel right at home."

This online Star Wars game is currently slated for a 2001 release date.

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