Massive Pokemon Marathon Is Going On Right Now On Twitch

Gotta watch it all.

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The Pokemon series is one of the longest-running animated shows on television, spanning more than 1,000 episodes and 20 movies to date, and now you'll be able to relive nearly the entire saga on Twitch. The Pokemon Company is partnering with the streaming service for a massive Pokemon marathon, which kicks off next week, on August 27, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. [Update: The marathon has begun--you can watch it below.]

This certainly isn't the first television show marathon Twitch has broadcast, but the service says it's the "single longest programmatic viewing event" in its history. The stream will air as a series of smaller marathons over the next several months and into 2019, encompassing 932 episodes from 19 seasons of the TV series beginning with the original Indigo League, as well as 16 Pokemon movies.

The Pokemon marathon will be broadcast on the TwitchPresents channel. According to the official Pokemon website, 10-16 Pokemon episodes will air Mondays through Thursdays, with encores of those episodes running on Fridays and Saturdays. A different Pokemon movie will also be broadcast every Sunday. You can find the schedule for the first nine seasons of the series below.

In addition to watching the series, you'll be able to interact with the stream thanks to the Pokemon Badge Collector Twitch Extension. Those with a Twitch account will see "catachable" Pokemon appear during the broadcast, which they'll be able to click on and add to their collection. The Extension will also feature a leaderboard, and the rarer the Pokemon you capture, the more points you'll receive.

The Pokemon Company recently announced the series' latest film, The Power of Us, will receive a limited theatrical release this fall. The film will appear in select theaters on November 24, 26, and 28, with one final showing following on December 1. The Power of Us is set in a town that reveres Lugia and marks the debut of the brand-new Mythical Pokemon Zeraora.

Pokemon the Series Twitch Marathon Schedule

  • August 27 -- Pokemon: Indigo League (Season 1)
  • September 3 -- Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands (Season 2)
  • September 10 -- Pokemon: The Johto Journeys (Season 3)
  • September 17 -- Pokemon: Johto League Champions (Season 4)
  • September 24 -- Pokemon: Master Quest (Season 5)
  • October 1 -- Pokemon Advanced (Season 6)
  • October 8 -- Pokemon: Advanced Challenge (Season 7)
  • October 15 -- Pokemon: Advanced Battle (Season 8)
  • October 22 -- Pokemon: Battle Frontier (Season 9)

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