Massive Ninja Gaiden update coming to Xbox Live

Due in August, the huge download from Tecmo will include new enemies, costumes, weapons, enemy AI, and camera and action engines. Exclusive screens inside.


Ninja Gaiden (2004)

Tecmo announced today it is readying a massive Xbox Live update to its popular action game Ninja Gaiden. Due in early August, the download will offer one of the largest and most extensive updates ever offered via Microsoft's service, and it will fundamentally change the game into an "evolved version," according to Tecmo.

Foremost among the update's features will be a new camera engine that will let players change their perspectives vis-à-vis their enemies. The update will also include a new action engine that will make the "combat system more extreme and faster than ever before," read Tecmo's release. Seasoned Ninja Gaiden players who have defeated the game in Master Ninja mode will also find new challenges, thanks to a reworked artificial intelligence system included in the update.

"Keep in mind that Ninja Gaiden's main concept is its strength as an action game. The new downloadable content will only expand the envelope of this concept," said Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki.

Also included in the download are more-conventional content updates, such as new costumes and weapons. Also included are a bestiary of fearsome new enemies (pictured) including triple-eyed amphibian ogres, a triceratops-headed boss, and some foxy catwomen. No mention was made of new levels for the game.

The new download will launch simultaneously with The Master Ninja Tournament, the online Ninja Gaiden Tournament. For details on the tournament, visit the official Ninja Gaiden Web site.

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