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Massive GTA 6 Leak Unveils Screenshots And Early Footage

A hacker has released multiple videos and screenshots of what appear to be the previously unseen title.


A massive trove of Grand Theft Auto VI assets, including pre-alpha footage and multiple screenshots, were released to public forums early Sunday morning.

The assets were reportedly taken from Rockstar's servers by a single hacker calling themselves "teapotuberhacker," who also claims to have "GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets" as well as a "GTA 6 test build."

The videos include footage of a female protagonist--which would be a first for the series--walking through a strip club as well as a male character shooting what looks to be an AK-47 at passing police cars. In another video, both characters are shown working together as they rob a diner.

The leaks first surfaced on GTAForums, with the hacker allegedly searching the source code for anything other members requested. For example, one of the requests was any reference to an ongoing court case involving Take-Two, with the request allegedly made by one of the defendants in that case.

After news spread throughout social media, the hacker updated their original post, directing any employees of Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive to contact them via email, as they were "looking to negotiate a deal."

Grand Theft Auto VI was confirmed to be in active development by Rockstar back in February, at the end of a blog post on the company's official website. On September 19, Rockstar and Take-Two confirmed the leak was real.

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