Massive envisioning World in Conflict

PC real-time strategy game set in alternate Cold War history where Soviets invade Europe, US; game due in spring 2007.


World in Conflict

With the Ground Control series of real-time strategy games, Swedish developer Massive Entertainment delved into a fictitious futuristic setting with suitably advanced technology. For its next PC RTS game, World in Conflict, Massive is sticking to real-world equipment and artillery but keeping the fictitious edge. World in Conflict is set in an alternate history where the Cold War turned hot and scorched American and European shores.

Unlike the daylong volley of nuclear death many expected to start and finish such a war, World in Conflict depicts a different sort of war which will have players practicing sound tactics to take back the suburbs and cities of America from invaders. Those places might not be intact when the players reclaim them, as Massive is promising completely destructible environments and a wealth of authentic Soviet, American, and NATO weaponry with which to obliterate them.

"With World in Conflict, our focus has been to create the maximum number of tactical choices, climactic battles, and other game-shifting events that occur during each scenario or multiplayer match," said Massive founder and CEO Martin Walfisz. "We've done this through a focus on the one thing people love most about strategy gaming--the combat."

Vivendi Universal Games will publish the game under its Sierra Entertainment label. The expected ship date is spring of 2007. For more on World in Conflict, check out GameSpot's exclusive interview with lead game designer Magnus Jansén.

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