Massive Battlefield 4 Winter Patch Out Now, Improves Netcode And More

1.34 GB patch includes netcode improvements and the ability for helicopters to do barrel rolls; see the full patch notes here.

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Developer DICE on Tuesday released Battlefield 4's long-awaited Winter patch across console and PC. The hefty patch weighs in at around 1.34 GB, according to DICE LA.

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The Battlefield 4 Winter patch features a raft of changes and tweaks, including the general improvement of netcode and new anti-cheat measures. The patch also introduces a new Squad Oblitation game mode and three new Premium playlists: "Large Scale Battles," "The Battlefield," and "Close Quarters."

Elsewhere, the patch also introduces more agile physics for Helicopters, meaning they can now do barrel rolls.

The full Battlefield 4 Winter patch notes are available below. You can also check out this PDF that illustrates some of the changes visually. Today's Winter patch follows the Fall patch, which was released in October.

Battlefield 4 launched fall 2013 to a number of problems, but DICE has been improving the online experience and releasing new content ever since. Even with Battlefield Hardline's release now just a couple weeks away, DICE plans to continue balancing the game and is even making an all-new map based on community feedback.

Battlefield 4 Winter Patch Notes:


  • Added Squad Obliteration game mode
  • Added support for New player servers (rank 10 and down)
  • Added support for matchmaking into ranked servers (in addition to standard official)
  • Various anti-cheat improvements implemented
  • In combat system now temporarily disables squad spawning when squad mate is in combat
  • In combat system now temporarily disables Medic Bag healing based on damage taken and incoming suppression increase
  • In combat system now temporarily disables First Aid Kit healing based on damage taken
  • Decouple vehicle aiming from turning option added
  • Added Mastery Dog tags for several weapons that were previously missing
  • Added 3 new Premium playlists: 'Large Scale Battles', 'The Battlefield', and 'Close Quarters'
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause an error about stats not fetching, if connecting to a session after immediately being disconnected
  • Fixed an exploit related to CTF/Obliteration exploit using M224 Mortar/MAV/EOD Bot
  • PC - Several AMD Mantle optimizations
  • PC - Various graphical performance improvements
  • PS4/XBOX ONE - Fixed a case where the Battledash would not show after signing out of a profile while in the rent-a-server section
  • PS4/XBOX ONE - Fixed naming inconsistency with the server browser and quick match for Conquest Large
  • Xbox One - Fixed an issue where the user would sometimes not enter friends online session when joining through 'Friends List'
  • Xbox One - Fixed an issue where Digital Premium Edition did not give premium access on Battlelog
  • X360 - Fixed an issue where performing a sign-in change during game would sometimes result in endless black loading screen
  • X360 - Fixed an issue where multiple users in the same squad would crash if the squad leader disconnected from a full server
  • Added option for player to separately toggle the slowdown and auto rotation components of aim assist. Server admins can now enforce a disable of the auto rotation component on ranked servers
  • All consoles - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to join a rented server that had a password set


  • Footsteps: Significantly improved audio of footsteps for enemies and friendlies so that they can clearly be heard. Also fixed an issue where grenades explosions or other loud sounds would mute footstep sounds
  • Fixed an issue where EOR music would not play in CTF
  • PC - TDM/SQDM: 'Tension music' now correctly playing for all teams in TDM and SQDM


  • Updated the shading for many of the Dog tag country flags to make them more accurate
  • Animation: Cleaned up fast side to side movement of the character in third person
  • Fixed an issue where tracers would incorrectly show up on bullet impacts


  • Fixed an issue where the soldier camouflage selected would change to default between rounds
  • Fixed the cropped "Ready" status on the F-35 and J-20 fighter jets so that it is now fully visible
  • Fixed a HUD related issue that would sometimes occur when players on the same server would use the FLIR/IRNV
  • Dog tags will now display stats both in game and in menus
  • Several hit indicator and crosshair improvements
  • Fixed an issue where a player's health is displayed incorrectly when they get hit while regenerating health
  • Updated HUD Logic for several weapons so that they show "overheat" messages correctly
  • Tweaked Jet HUDs to be more clear
  • Improved scout helicopter crosshairs
  • All consoles - Removed an incorrect reference to parachute in the customization screen
  • Deploy screen - Added deploy screen advanced options to show vehicle passengers, more details on occupants and squad mates
  • Deploy screen - Improved squad mate selection when in vehicles


  • All helicopters have new more agile physics applied (you can do both barrel rolls and loops!)


  • Animation updates for m412 and sw30
  • Fixed an audio bug where the air missiles or TV guided missiles would play multiple times for one shot
  • Fixed an audio bug where the FAC boat cannons would loop indefinitely
  • Adjusted the graphics for the Kobra red dot reticle to make it longer to more closely match the actual reticle
  • Removed small animation played when going into sprint for any weapons that have a fore grip
  • Adjusted QBZ95 fore grip position in first person
  • Fix for RPK74 bolt cycle during fire animation
  • Improved HUD clarity for red dot sights against snowy/bright backgrounds - AND improved PS3/Xbox360 look as well
  • PS3/PS4 - Fixed an instance where a player would be unable to switch back to the bow from a secondary weapon if spawning as a passenger in a vehicle
  • X360 - Fixed an issue where Vehicle IRNV would not detect infantry on equal elevation properly



  • PS3/PS4 –Fixed an issue where a user would get stuck when descending the ladder that leads to the lower Hangar
  • Fixed a sound bug that would cause the titan engine audio to become distorted
  • Fixed various smaller sound issues


  • Fixed an issue where user would encounter snowing VFX inside of the hallway west of objective B if spawning on squad mate.


  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Fixed a collision issue which would cause players to fall down from the big neon sign that is used as a bridge between 2 buildings
  • Fixed an issue where a user could see through the game world after destroying part of a building situated near the CN base


  • Fixed several collision issues that would occur after the mudslide levolution was triggered. The mudslide has also been optimized to reduce visual glitches
  • Rush - Fixed issues with the EDO bot having no collision with several sidewalks around the US base first set of M-coms
  • Fixed an issue with an indestructible window in the house at the center of the map
  • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck behind the pipes at Flag C and be forced to redeploy
  • Xbox One - Various issues collision near the valves and between them after the levolution event


  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Made collision conform closer to render mesh for destroyed track pieces. Moved collision volume in the level to accommodate the new changes to the adjusted object collision
  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback

METRO 2014

  • Fixed an issue where users where able to get C4 kills through the roof
  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback
  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Improved collision issues on several skyscrapers


  • Fixed an issue where a user is unable to deploy Radio Beacon, MAV and similar gadgets on the boardwalk located north from the water and south from objective C
  • Fixed several collision issues based on community feedback


  • Added collision in the ceiling of the cave so that is no longer possible to hide there with the little bird


  • Lights now no longer stay intact once building is destroyed

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Blah... blah... blah..... the same old bullshit Dice promises every time. They say this in every single crap patch they put on for Battlefield. Fact is..... Still get killed through walls. Still have people who absorb bullets like a sponge. Still have instant one shot kills. Still have unfair advantage going to Out Of Region lag cheats. Still can unload in a players back and have them turn and kill you. Still have shots pass through with no hits. Still get in gunfights and the other player has 100 health. Still have players surviving 3 or more tank shell hits on infantry. Still have tanks taking an upwards of !7! hits to destroy it.

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After playing again for a few hours I can say not a damn thing was fixed. Same issues as before.

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Wow, its only 16 months too late. Thanks EA.


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No mention of the netcode in the patch notes so still full of problems.

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1.34GB patch? just downloaded it for PS4 and it was 3.35GB....WTF?

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Im a Premium Member with all DLCs downloaded and its telling me to "Buy DLC" for any if the new playlists like Close

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Worst game ever.

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Too little too late.

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they didnt fix nothing. Im still geting kill for those snipers with pistols at long range, thats bullshet. theyre no fixing nothing

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its garbage. im still getting kill for some stupid pistols with one shoot. not even in the head. and if i shoot someone they dont fucking die and just face to me and kill me. i have 25 mb of internet for fucking nothing

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Aww man I was going to leave BF4 to play BFH looks like I'll play a bit of both in the coming months.

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Where is TEAM VOIP?

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Aw, YEAH. Bring it on. :D

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So the patch is live? This isn't something that's gonna drop in the next week or two?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm guessing it's live. Haven't played but PS4 notifications says it updated this morning,

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There's a typo in the article. Do a find for "Flood Zone".

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Played a couple hours last night on PC, and ran into no issues.

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Why wait so long to fix it now????

Avatar image for TeknoBug

Not much has improved, it crashes (or sits in a black screen after leaving a server) and you can't spawn after getting killed more often now. And kill trades occuring pretty often too.

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FFS this is still happening ..

Avatar image for Whiskey3romeo

Battlefield 4 is the best first person shooter on the market today. I'm still not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing. What I am sure of is that all other shooters it competes with suck worse at best.

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It's a truly sad reality we live in... Hopefully The Division turns out well along with RB6 so I can forget about EA shooters for awhile

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's Ubisoft so don't get your hopes up too high

Avatar image for M3o5nster

The team who made Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is working on The Division, and that was a great game. Ubisoft is a huge company with many different teams. Last Tom Clancy game was Splinter Cell: Blacklist, another great game to me.

I think I'll stay positive.

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BF2 patches come out 2 years after game release: "OMG <3 DICE THEY SUPPORT THEIR GAME FOR SO LONG!!!11"

BF4 patches come out 2 years after game release: " **** DICE THEY JUST FINISHED THE GAME, ONLY TOOK THEM 2 YEARS".

haters gunna hate.

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They released an unfinished game.

Your little comparison doesnt quite work.

Do you work for EA?

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To be fair, bf2 worked pretty well and was amazing from the get-go. Anyone who says bf4 was, is a liar.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> dolphin diving went on for like 3 years....

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That was people exploiting game mechanics... not really the same as totally broken ones. BF2 also had some free additional content while it all costs extra in BF4 (BF2 also was the start of lame DLC though, never bought them though, and didn't get roasted as much as you do by opting out of Premium)... BF2 also had hella better maps so keep coming up with excuse for worse products all you want.

I agree anyone complaining about them still supporting this is complaining about the wrong things though! That's one thing I can give EA/DICE credit for, they're trying to fix their mistake rather than simply bury it.

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Wow with so many improvements and additions it looks more like a remastered edition than casual patch released here and there ohhhh yeah.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> no, they simply finished the game... 15 months after game early alpha was released to public.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> every time bf4 patches i see that same comment with a different number of months...

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