Massive Battlefield 4 Update Rolls Out

Far-reaching patch introduces long list of changes and tweaks for DICE's 2013 shooter.

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Battlefield 4's huge Fall update, which brings with it a raft of tweaks and changes for the popular military shooter, is rolling out today across all platforms. The game was criticized at launch for its many bugs and issues, and today's patch--which comes 11 months to the day after the game was released--is just the latest in DICE's continued quest to stabilize and improve the game

The Fall update for Battlefield 4 includes what could be considered standard improvements and tweaks like weapon balancing and various bug fixes. It also includes bigger changes like improved "netcode," which should result in players noticing fewer instances of "unfair" kills; i.e, when you thought you made it behind cover or when you trade kills.

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Among the list of other big changes coming to Battlefield 4 is the introduction of a Teamplay Initiative. This tweaks a handful of things about the game so that players are encouraged to seek out objectives instead of playing as a lone wolf, looking only to boost kill counts. Another big change players will find is in the area of player movements. After the patch is applied, you'll find that player movement is "almost identical" to that of Battlefield 3.

You can see the full Battlefield 4 September 30 patch notes on the game's website. The update is rolling out for all platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Battlefield 4 may have endured serious launch woes, leaving the game unplayable for some, but publisher Electronic Arts maintains that the game is a critical and commercial success and that the series has not been negatively impacted by Battlefield 4's rocky launch.

DICE continues to support the game not only with patches like this one, but also new content. The fifth and final expansion for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, is expected to launch before the end of the year. As for the next entry in the mainline series, Battlefield Hardline launches in early 2015, and its developer is confident the game will hit the ground running with a smooth launch.

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