Massive Assault site updated adds panoramic screenshots from its upcoming turn-based strategy game to its official site. New screens inside.


Massive Assault
Follow has recently updated its official Massive Assault Web site with eight 360-degree panoramic screenshots. The shots not only demonstrate the capabilities of the game's 3D engine, but they also do a good job of showing off a number of the game's different units in action by effectively placing you in the middle of the battlefield. We've broken down the panoramas into individual regular-size screens for today's gallery, but the originals on the official site are still worth a look.

Set in the year 2365, Massive Assault is a turn-based strategy game in which players will assume command of Axis-of-Good forces and do battle with the Shadow Clique. The game is set on six resource-rich planets that were colonized by humankind as Earth's own energy resources were nearing depletion. For more information on Massive Assault, which is currently scheduled for release in September, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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