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Massive Amazon Sale Features Video Game Art Books, Official D&D Books, Compendiums, And More

Amazon has a limited-time bundle offer for gaming books on top of a bunch of existing discounts.


Video games offer vast, detailed worlds that you can truly get lost in, and sometimes, there's more to learn about a world than what you easily pick up by just playing the game. That's part of why video game art books and compendiums are so popular--they dive deeper into the lore and history of a game while also showing off the art and sketches that went into making a game world come to life. If you're someone who likes to collect art books, guides, and other books around gaming, Amazon's latest sale has an absolute treasure trove of deals to check out.

The new Amazon sale features steep discounts on dozens of video game art books, compendiums, cookbooks, novelizations, and more. But on top of these individual discounts, there's a multi-buy deal that slashes 50% off one of your items when you add two to your cart. As usual, this'll be the cheaper item that gets the discount, so keep that in mind. This offers stacks as well--if you buy four things, the two cheapest items will be 50% off. With these combined deals, you can stock up on any gaming books you've been eyeing for a great price today, so it's absolutely worth browsing all the offers.

Highlights from the sale include Dark Horse's entire line of video game art books, giving you a closer look at concept art, sketches, and more from games like Cuphead, Ghost of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy. Notably, the brand-new Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition art book is on sale, just in time for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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If you do a lot of home cooking, official cookbooks inspired by series like Destiny and The Elder Scrolls are discounted. These make great gifts for others too (and hey, Mother's Day is this weekend if you need a last-minute gift). Dungeons & Dragons players can save big on a bunch of official guidebooks like the Fifth Edition Monster Manual and newly released Candlekeep Mysteries. A few books about the gaming industry itself are included too, like Ask Iwata, a book about Nintendo's iconic CEO Satoru Iwata that released in April.

The sale isn't just gaming-related--hundreds of books are discounted and eligible for the multi-buy discount as well. Because of that, it's somewhat difficult to parse through it all and find the stuff you're interested in. Lucky for you, we've gone through and picked out as many of the gaming-related deals as we could and rounded them up below. This isn't everything--for example, there are plenty more Halo novels and D&D books on sale if you look them up in the sale's search bar--but this should give you an idea of the type of books on offer.

Art books and compendiums


Official Dungeons & Dragons books

Novels and graphic novels

General nonfiction

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