Mass Effect May Be On Hold, But Andromeda's Story Will Continue In A (Delayed) New Novel

An upcoming book will share new details about the Keelah Si'yah.


This year's Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn't a hit in the same way that its predecessors were, and its commercial performance has resulted in changes to both its developer BioWare Montreal and the series itself. Plans for new games have reportedly been put on hold, but that doesn't mean the entire franchise is on hiatus.

BioWare today shared some new details about the next Mass Effect novel. As previously announced, it's called Mass Effect: Annihilation, and it "chronicles the journey of the Keelah Si'yah as it carries 20,000 drell, elcor, batarian, and quarian colonists to Andromeda." The status of the Keelah Si'yah is an important matter in Andromeda; it did not leave at the same time as the other arks, which explains the absence of the species aboard.

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The description of the book continues, "A pathogen is discovered aboard the ark after many drell are found dead in their cryo pods. As the pathogen jumps species, the ship's systems begin to fail, making it clear this is no accident."

Annihilation is the first Mass Effect book to be written by Catherynne M. Valente, whose previous work includes The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and The Orphan's Tales series. Annihilation was previously scheduled to launch this summer and was to be followed by a third book, Mass Effect: Initiation. It's now instead slated for release in the US, UK, and Canada on June 26, 2018 (August 28, 2018 in Australia).

EA boss Patrick Soderlund spoke this summer about Andromeda and how he felt it received too much criticism. He also suggested the series will return in the future, but only if it feels "relevant" and "fresh." If you haven't played the game yourself, you can do so for free, as Andromeda was recently added to the EA and Origin Access Vault.

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Yawn. Why don't you make some comic books about my video game as well. I'm sure not to bother to read those either.

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I love the game and understood everything and took my time playing it i hope there will be a sequel i can play and not read ...playing mass effect is way better then reading it lol. Thank you bioware!!!!!! When i played the first mass effect 3 months before i got mass effect 2 i had no idea a game could have me so intune not even gears of war had done that i play mass effect 1 - 3 ......8 TIMES!!! different choices different playing styles different endings !!!!so please bioware please continue the mass effect franchise there are billions of galaxies to explore and the kett are still alive i wanna kick some more ass with my controller love you guys work .. Ps Logan.

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Who the hell cares about continuing the story?

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The game was a little disappointing, but I like the story behind it. Will probably give this a go.

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Series shouldn’t put on hold EA Games try agian and this time should bring back sheperd and don’t rush the game.

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I rented Andromeda three months ago and expected it to be mediocre, but it was great. Probably the most underrated game ever, if you ask me. Sure, it is not as good as mass effect 2 but it is still a great experience. Maybe if the game hadn't been released with those bugs in the beginning, it would have fared a lot better. It saddens me if there is no sequel to Andromeda.

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@pmanden: how rent game where I live they closed all stores what rented games it’s because Netflix what killed rented service.

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@playstationzone: I can rent games for free at my library. They carry most AAA titles there.

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Gotta keep beating that old horse you did your very best to put out to pasture... There's always someone willing to ride it no matter how bad the experience is.

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I don't think the whole franchise should be put on hold because of 1 bad game, which there are plenty of far worse games out there. The first mass effect games struggled at the beginning and then found their stride, this game trilogy should be no different.

The only thing that annoyed me about this game was the lack of imagination of characters. The game takes place in an entirely different galaxy, but is somehow populated with all the same species, save 1 or 2, from the milky way galaxy. The developers could have done almost anything new, but instead chose to keep many things the same as the first mass effect trilogy. It just makes the game feel like a rehash with a new story.

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@nibbin1191: the whole kett 'exaltation' was no different from the reaper indoctrination and conversion. Lazy writing and a huge letdown

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I know I'm late to the dance here, but I literally JUST finished Andromeda about 2 days ago, and I DO NOT see what the hell everybody bitched and complained about. The story was really good. The game was a really good game. Only the ending was kind of weak. They need to work on that. They need better endings, more HUMAN heterosexual boinking options, and maybe one or two more tweaks to weapon creation, and just keep doing what they're doing.

If there are any issues with the game upon release, I DO NOT blame the developers. I blame you dumb f*ck gamers! In the history of gaming, we DID NOT accept broken games, or games that come out with heavy technical issues. Those games normally went "unbought" in stores and left out of the love fest that gamers always shared with the industry. NOW?? Please! You morons just accept what they put out. BUY broken games. Then complain WAY LATER after the first or second patch comes out THAT YOU GO OUT AND BUY AGAIN!! They're doing this on purpose because they KNOW a whole lot of you are straight up dumb enough to keep paying for their screw ups...and then go back to the stores and pay for their so called updates and patches to "fix" the games.

Do you think the developers behind God of War would have pulled something like this even if they KNEW their game would get patched later on? Come on now. I had to wait freaking 10-plus damn months to install Andromeda. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! These games are the companies face and reputation. They have NOTHING if you idiots would get your heads out of your collective @sses and demand they stop putting out broken games. I'm sick of hearing you all whine about it WHEN YOU'RE STILL PAYING MONEY FOR THE GAME AND ALL THE PATCHES!!

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@HarlemVIP: Most of the missions, boring. Side missions & puzzles, mind numbingly boring. Ally factions, boring. Enemy factions, boring. General direction of the story, boring. Virtually everyone has a British or Australian accent, cliche. Game engine, buggy AF.

If you read up on the development of this game you'd know they F'ed up so bad they had to bring in a lot of new staff to practically re-do the game. Also, since you're late to the party you missed the ridiculous animations all thanks to hiring inexperienced "animators".

The only thing this game has going for it is that it's part of the ME franchise -- they thought it could ride that way alone all the way to success. They thought wrong.

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@ECH71: Dude, do you realize that in a really crooked, sideways, diagonal way, you bALMOST repeated me and semi sorta proved some of my point? We're almost saying the same thing if you break things down.

Okay, the game came out buggy (yes, I missed out on all that stuff). Whether or not the staff they hired was inexperienced or not is totally irrelevant....THEY HAVE EYES JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! You know a game is to'-down from the flo-down when you have your crew test the final project. The ONLY REASON why they're giving these broken games the thumbs up is because THEY KNOW you're gonna pay for it ANYWAY, and then pay for every single update and patch for months to come in order to fix THEIR messes. This WAS NEVER EVER the case back in the day. Back then, game developers were so scared of a bad review they made sure the final project was at the very least operable. Sure there were some crappy projects that slipped through the cracks, but look at how much money THOSE games made in comparison to the ones with less than 8% technical flaws in them. Why? Because gamers weren't gonna spend their hard earned checks and allowances on garbage without a MAJOR backlash. What do you call a backlash these days? "THIS GAME SUCKS!!...But I'll wait for them to put out the patch, then pay for that and 7 other updates to fix the game. I bet they'll learn their lesson NOW after I said the game sucks"


By the way...I never even paid much attention to the accents...although I will always find it funny how, even in movies, alien races always seem to be from the UK somewhere.

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@nibbin1191: Sigh! Okay, put it this way....

You go into an Italian restaurant (random store to buy a game) for some pasta (random game). The waiter (game devlopers) comes back from the kitchen with some damn Fruity Pebbles (completely broken game).

Are you gonna seriously tell me you're gonna stay in that restaurant and eat a bowl of cereal? Or are you gonna go to ANOTHER restaurant for some damn pasta?

You don't blame the restaurant for that crap. You blame the morons who eat the cereal and then complain about the fact that they're eating cereal.

Now, do you get what I'm saying?

And the writing WAS good. I haven't seen a Mass Effect game to date with crappy writing. Writing isn't a technical issue.

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@nibbin1191: that logic, the restaurant gets the blame by serving up what they WANT to serve up....but how much of that blame do YOU get for staying there and spending your money on anything in that restaurant? You can't blame them for being trash if you willingly dive in.

The writing for Jaal started giving me Herpes after a while. And the fact that you could only boink someone ONE TIME is probably my biggest complaint. I mean, come on! After a long mission, I want some butt. But all I get is "it's always good seeing you"...."nice talking to you"....."You know where to find me".


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@nibbin1191: Generally speaking, in games, you're absolutely right. But in THIS game in particular, I didn't see much wrong with the writing. I was using the romance options as an example as a failed attempt at humor, but still...

The writing in Mass effect games has never been a problem with me. But that's just ME. Other people more than likely see stuff that I'm either missing, or just forgot about.

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@nibbin1191: Unlikeable characters I can definitely agree with. The forced beastiality is disturbing. That, and Cora had that srong a*s manly jaw line that made her SOOOO not feminine. But the only way I can complain about the writing throughout this game is if I compare it to the previous games like you did. On a stand-alone basis, it's not bad to me.

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@HarlemVIP: These days when people complain about writing they're mostly referring to actual facts and the characters actions. You can never expect writers to know as much as actual engineers and astrophysicists, so I don't blame them for that. Characters doing dumb things is less forgiveable, but sometimes readers pick up on things the characters never would have considered or it just wouldn't be in that character's nature to actually do those things. Readers generally have a point here, but sometimes it pushes the boundaries into subjectivity or what I like to call "inventive logic". In my experience, most of the time when a reader asks him/herself "Why didn't this character do that?", it's usually because said reader missed an important point that would not make that action feasible.

Andromeda really wasn't that bad, it just wasn't that good and most of the criticism is more of the internet's standard "all or nothing" approach to hate. If it's not a 9 or higher, it's pure shit. The lack of polish was insulting though given they only needed a few months to iron out at least half of the problems. They could have saved themselves a lot of hate if they just polished it more, then they could at least argue the game still plays well (which it does).

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@Barighm: You have a point there with the writing, now that you mention it. There really were a few things I noticed that threw me off here and there when I think back on it.

Now when it comes to the "polish" factor. My point is They're doing this ON PURPOSE. Take for example the Friday the 13th game. From all reports, that game was TOTALLY broken. Be you REALLY THINK these developers don't see and know about every single complaint about the game they put out BEFORE they put it out? But they do it anyway. Why? Because they know gamers these days are dumb enough to pay for something broken, then pay EXTRA for these so called "fixes" after waiting months at a time. And what's worse is that you would THINK something called a fix or a patch would only take ONE to get things right...HELL NO!! You end up seeing somewhere between 7 and 12 patches and fixes coming out, one each month, and you're dumb enough to pay for it. Come on now, these people KNOW they're putting out junk. They ALSO know they could put out a fix in one try, but they don't.

Damn...why does this sound like the entire pharmaceutical industry?

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Consider me interested. I didn't play ME:A at launch, but instead after it had received its final patch. I absolutely love the game. It's a shame it has such a bad reputation. I wish it was DLC instead, but... I'll take what I can get.

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Book? What is this "book" of which they speak? Can my PC run it?

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@crimsonbrute: what is books indeed, it sounds like too much thinking right?? i'm sure a scanner can read a book but you might not like the robot voice reading.....lolz

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@nibbin1191: LMFAO so true.....hey guys we delayed the game but spend $100 instead of just $60 and get this neat figurine, everyone needs a figurine......

hey guys book is delayed, AU you guys gotta wait longer, not enough trees for the book you see.......

we had this grand plan but f**k it man, who cares now right??? that's pretty much what it is lolz

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They expect you to use your imagination to come up with your own horrible animations.

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@khanwashere: I bet the book will have multiple endings. "For blue ending, flip to page 192...."

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@khanwashere: the imagination is a frightening thing, all sorts of boogimen live in there....