Mass Effect Loot Crate Now Available for Order

$75 for a mystery bundle.


As promised, the limited-edition, Mass Effect-themed Loot Crate is now available for purchase.

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When it was announced back in September, it was described as "an awesome specialty crate packed with rare and exclusive Mass Effect collectibles." Unfortunately, in typical Loot Crate fashion, we don't know a whole lot more about what it contains even with it now available for order.

The order page on Loot Crate's website describes the box as a "limited edition, thoughtfully curated crate of exclusive, specialized gear and collectibles for serious fans of the Mass Effect series." It consists of eight items with an estimated value of more than $150. The asking price for all of this mystery gear (including shipping) is $75, or $105 outside of the United States.

Elsewhere on the page, the crate--which will only be available this one time--is said to be "curated collection of rare and EXCLUSIVE Mass Effect collectibles so you can customize your look just like Shepard!"

The Loot Crate will ship sometime in December and should arrive before Christmas.

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The Fallout 4 box was limited edition and look what that container

Avatar image for pixelstuff

So are these boxes filled with various and random Mass Effect stuff that couldn't be sold in stores?

Avatar image for AceArchangel

Everyone is just mad because it's already sold out, however I can't wait for "the arrival".

Avatar image for kmetek1975

Why are they making fun of us? How they threat us?

Avatar image for mestupidface

Loot crates, the early access of real world consumption.... buyer beware lol.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

Please let it be a turd, Please let it be a turd.

An actual shit in a box, $75

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

@redeemer6666: Okay that's funny right there......

Avatar image for mestupidface

@VakarianGirl: He might be refuring to when cards against humainty sold a box of bullsh@t which was cleverly titled... bullsh@t which contained exactly 7 grams of cow feces.

Avatar image for darock2300

If you don't like what's in the box you can send it back and tell them to change it. Just like the ending to ME3.

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

@darock2300: Yeah - and then they send you the new, re-packaged one, with everything it originally contained, plus some pseudo-3D postcards.....

Avatar image for xcollector

This is proof that gamers are retards. Who else in the world will buy a box of stuff for $75 without knowing what is in the box?

Avatar image for cichy69

@xcollector: "But in a box, there could be anything..."

Avatar image for AceArchangel

@xcollector: The same person that would sit on their computer and complain about it.

Avatar image for SingletreeAve

@xcollector: Don't you dare suggest that a company disclose what they're selling prior to taking your money. I tried that on Steam with the Fallout 4 season pass and got a lot of hate.

Avatar image for The_Mystery_Box

Logic would suggest that the reason the box's contents are concealed is because the content is less desirable than the merchant claims.

BioWare, stop lying to people.

Avatar image for exedeath

One they do this with a game that I care about I will be all over it. I have had Loot Crate for almost a year now, and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

I wish I could go back in time and invent this loot crate stuff. You stick $30 worth of random stuff in a box and charge $50 for it. In this case, $40 worth of stuff and charge $75.

Avatar image for Chyld989

@DragonessAthena: "It consists of eight items with an estimated value of more than $150."

Bolded that part for you because you clearly didn't notice it the first time around.

Avatar image for xcollector

@Chyld989: Estimated value is made up value. Why would they give you real value of $150 for $75? They would loose $75 for every order. Do the math. I bolded that part for you because you seem to think capitalist companies are goodwill socialist. Companies sell to make money not loose it.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@xcollector: Actually no they wouldn't .. ever heard of retail price ? or do you think those Nikes you wear really cost $90 to make? .. Sometimes a seller will reduce the margins so they can sell stuff cheaper while still making a profit .. and sell it below the RRP .. that's were the estimated value comes in.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@xcollector: Lol

Avatar image for Madman19

@Chyld989: I doubt that is true. The company needs to make money somehow which means they are charging more than what they pay.

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@Madman19 : I think I can fix all this for you. Anything gets produced for pretty much pennies now a day. This is all nick nack consumer b.s not like you are getting a car or something extremely technical and intricate to produce. These items might of cost 150 when sold separately but that is no where near the actual production cost of these items. 75 dollars probably is not even close to how much the items actual cost to make. Nothing is done by these companies not to make a profit.

Avatar image for pixelstuff

@mestupidface: However, it is possible they made enough profit already on the overall production run and getting rid of the left overs, at any cost, is simply icing on the cake and more warehouse shelf space.

Avatar image for mestupidface

Exactly so instead of throwing the cr@p in the dumpster they just bundle it together and presto PROFIT!

Avatar image for TazmanianD

It's interesting, if you go to order one, there's a field asking for your size for a sweatshirt.

Avatar image for dantesergei

What is this bullshit ?

Avatar image for Naquada

I love Mass Effect, it is one of my favorite (if not actually my favorite) video game series of my life time.

However, $75 for me is a bit much on a blind gamble. If Loot Crates had more of a past performance that indicated they were more worthwhile, I'd take the chance. '$150 value' is one of the most meaningless marketing phrases to ever have left an underwear skidmark on the consumer world.

I'd almost rather grab anything I was interested in later when it inevitably appears on ebay, because even if I pay more then, I actually know what I'm getting.

Avatar image for Disturbed_88

@Naquada: Exactly!

Avatar image for Hurvl

Oh great, we get "buy the pig in a poke", Mass Effect edition. Serious fans with seriously hamstrung critical thinking capability will be all over this. It says that it contains "thoughtfully curated... exclusive, specialized gear" and so that must be the truth, because marketing never lies or misleads people.

Avatar image for SkytheWiz1

$75 for an estimated $150 worth of things that might fetch $15 on a re-sale.

Avatar image for yukushi

Fallout started this crap and it looks like its catching on very soon you will hear about games that are available for pre order that the developer doesn't even know the name and gamers will happily pre order it

Avatar image for SkytheWiz1

@yukushi: Loot Crate's been doing this for a while. Fallout just happened to be the biggest game that they've gotten to agree.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

It's tempting only because Mass Effect are my favorite games.

Avatar image for silversix_

So they have the balls to ask us $75 and don't even tell us what's included? Sick story bro.

Avatar image for blindbsnake

@silversix_: Even worse...they have the balls to ask us $75 and don't even tell us what's included... and has something to do with ME which may include ME3... that's disgusting...

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Is this like how a coupon book to Burger King promises "over $100 in value"?

You're preordering something you don't even know what it is? Bioware has seriously sunk this low?

Avatar image for mogan

@Thanatos2k: Beyond being the developer of the IP all this "loot" is licensed from, does Bioware actually have anything to do with any of this?

Avatar image for The_Mystery_Box


The Burger King coupon book is free so not really like that more like the advance fee scams people get in their email from time to time.

Bioware has sunk very low indeed.

Avatar image for scoobijohn

@Thanatos2k: its not ea or bioware - its lootcrate, they put stuff together and sell it as a crate - but yeah have to be a nut to purchase somethign when you dont even know what it is

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

@scoobijohn: But it's like buying your own christmas presents and still being able to be surprised!

Avatar image for donald10

EA, How about that Mass Effect Remastered now, stop messing around and get to it

Avatar image for SingletreeAve

@donald10: Nah. It's fine in its original form. Have you ever tried watching a colorized classic black and white classic movie?

Avatar image for Saidrex

@donald10: not gonna happen!

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