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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition PS4 Preorders Discounted At Amazon

Amazon has dropped the price of Mass Effect Legendary Edition preorders for PS4.


The biggest game release this week is Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered compilation of the first three games in BioWare's iconic action-RPG series. Though $60 is a pretty good value already for a trio of lengthy RPGs, you can already get a discount ahead of release. Amazon is currently selling PS4 preorders for $50.94. This deal has already sold out before for both PS4 and Xbox One at both Amazon and Walmart, so you'll want to scoop this up quickly.

Sadly, Amazon isn't offering a preorder bonus for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you want a collector's item with your copy of the game, you'll have to order from Best Buy or GameStop at the full $60 price. Best Buy is giving away free steelbook cases with all preorders, while GameStop has an exclusive poster. Check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition preorder guide for more details.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes with every piece of DLC released for all three games in the original trilogy. In terms of upgrades, BioWare improved the character models and textures. All three games will be capable of running in 4K resolution with HDR.

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