Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Preloading Guide: Release Time And Where To Download

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches on Friday, but you can start preloading it now to be ready to delve into the Reaper battle when duty calls.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out tomorrow, May 13, and it includes the entire original sci-fi RPG trilogy in one place with enhancements and modifications for modern PCs and consoles. While you await the game's release, you can preload the game now so it's ready to play as soon as it launches. Check below for where you can start downloading, when you can start playing, and how much space to reserve for it. Be sure to check out our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition preorder guide for more details on bonuses and special editions, and read our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition review in progress to see what we think about the upgraded trilogy so far.

Where to Download

You can now preload Mass Effect: Legendary Edition across all platforms, according to the official Twitter. If you've preordered the game you can simply locate the game's store page and begin downloading immediately. If your download hasn't started automatically, you can locate it in the store pages below to prompt the download to begin. EA also stated that on Xbox, the download will be relatively smaller than on other platforms, and you'll be able to download the sequels through the launcher.

Release Time

With your download secured, you may be wondering exactly when you can start playing. On both PlayStation and Xbox, the answer appears to be exactly at midnight on May 14. PlayStation games usually unlock at midnight local time. The Microsoft Store lists the release for 12:00 on May 14, and it doesn't specify a time zone.

On Steam, the game may unlock at midnight just like PlayStation and Xbox, or it might unlock at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET with the Steam Store update.

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Game and Patch File Sizes

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition takes up a relatively large chunk of storage space, though less than you might expect for a package of three massive space-faring RPGs. Its footprint is almost the same across PlayStation and Xbox, but much larger on PC. Keep in mind, however, that the console versions are expected to receive a day-one patch that's just over 10 GB.

  • PC: 100 GB
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S: 88 GB
  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5: 80 GB

Where to Buy Digitally

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