Mass Effect Legendary Edition Appears To Be Coming In March

Reaper indoctrination is an insidious means of corrupting organic minds and it's probably going to arrive in time for spring.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a set of remasters of the original three Mass Effect games, could be preparing for launch in March. A pair of retailers have listed the game for release on March 12, much narrowed from its previously vague "2021" release target.

The shops Shopitree and GSShop (via VGC) both shared the date, which is more specific than you'd expect for a mere placeholder date. The dates appearing together so suddenly may also suggest that, if accurate, an official announcement is coming soon.

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The Legendary Edition brings together all three main Mass Effect games, sans the divisive Andromeda, and adds all of the DLC, 4K textures, and improved character models, but may not include multiplayer. That includes the entire Shepard storyline, and Mass Effect notably imported certain decision points and carried them across games.

The Legendary Edition announcement came alongside another Mass Effect development, the official word that Mass Effect 4 is in development. EA and BioWare also showed a teaser-trailer at The Game Awards, with a character speculated to be Liara T'Soni picking up an N7 Armor fragment. As the studio previously noted, this project is early in development and will probably come sometime after the next Dragon Age.

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