Mass Effect Expansion Coming To Cards Against Humanity

Dirty jokes incoming.


In today's weirdest crossover, there's now a Mass Effect-themed Cards Against Humanity pack.

Fourteen cards are included in the expansion, which costs just $1. Stock is apparently limited, however: "Once we are sold out on the site, we are done forever," CAH's Trin Garritano told Polygon.

Cards Against Humanity produced the pack in conjunction with Mass Effect developer BioWare. Three writers from the studio were involved with the scripting process, which apparently started the same night as the initial meeting at San Diego Comic-Con a couple of years back.

Credit: Jenn Bane/Cards Against Humanity
Credit: Jenn Bane/Cards Against Humanity

Garritano said more than 700 cards were drafted, but "all but 14 of them were bad."

"Whenever we'd look at the list of cards their team preferred, it was only cards about f*****g," Garritano explained. "We had to push through a few non-sex cards just to widen the appeal of the deck. It was an incredible problem to have and I am still absolutely tickled by this."

That doesn't mean the remaining cards aren't lewd, however; the remaining cards don't shy away from some blue topics, as should be expected from Cards Against Humanity. Take a look at a selection over at Polygon.

The card pack comes at an opportune time, with the series' latest game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, just around the corner. A new video shows off the game's combat, weapons, abilities, and more--check it out here.

In other news about Andromeda, BioWare has stressed that the game is not open-world in its structure but is more of an "exploration-based game." Additionally, BioWare recently discussed the game's sidequests and how they may be inspired by those from The Witcher series.

Andromeda launches on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, though some people will get to play it a week early. Keep an eye on GameSpot for all the latest on the sci-fi epic.

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