Mass Effect Easter Egg Discovered in Amazon's Echo Devices

This is pretty cool.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

It has been discovered that Amazon's line of AI devices contain at least one Mass Effect Easter egg.

People on Reddit (via Eurogamer) discovered that when you ask the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, "Does this unit have a soul?" it responds by saying, "Keelah se'lai, my friend." This is a reference to what the Geth character Legion asks its creator in Mass Effect 3.

Twitter user TheAlbionGirl, who formerly worked at Lionhead, Codemasters, and EA, posted a video today of her posing the question and receiving the response; listen for yourself in the video below:

Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot are Siri-like devices that let you use voice commands to control all manner of things and queue up music.

The next Mass Effect game is Andromeda, which comes out on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In the past week, it's been confirmed that the game will support HDR on all platforms and won't have a Season Pass. We also learned that pre-loading starts on PC on March 17 and that the game's PC system requirements may be revealed in February.

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    Maybe she's not supposed to be boner fuel, because she's an adolescent Asari? Not everyone should look bangable, and all the *oh its the SJW's ruining my fap fuel*, is dumb....STFU!!

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    That Asari really is the most disgusting humanoid female character I've ever seen in a video game. This trend of attempting to pander to non-gamer SJWs who spend all day bitching at game developers on social media over "over-sexualized" female characters needs to end.

    Seriously, trying to make female characters with more realistic proportions is one thing, but game devs are really going overboard these days with making female characters which don't even look vaguely feminine anymore. If looking at that face wasn't already just this side of unbearable, I'd actually google a full body shot of her, because I have a hunch that in addition to her ultra masculine visage, she's completely flat-chested, has no hips, and has broad shoulders.

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    Each time I watch that asari face my excitement for this game lowers. It's good to know I am not the only one though.

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    Ew, ugliest Asari ever. Can't wait til there's other screenshots for people to use. Now as for the actual article, it's pretty cool. Keela Sel'ai lol

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    Yea of all the screen shots they keep showing can't they find a better Pic??? God that has to be the ugliest avatar in gaming history.

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    lol Eddie and that Asari face again!

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    Someone can speak anything they wish through the device with the supplied handheld mic.

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    Someone needs to drop an anvil on that stupid asari face. Whoever made that, took that shot, and approved it to be released, should be fired, and never allowed to work in the entertainment industry ever again.

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    "Alexa, how was the Mass Effect 3 ending?"

    "The Mass Effect 3 ending was one of the worst of all time."


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    @Thanatos2k: You're one of those people, eh? Unfortunate.

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    @leblnk: You mean normal people?

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    Nope. You were one of the biggest trolls regarding the ending on the BSN and now here. You refuse to believe others have different opinions.

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    I just tried it on my Amazon Fire tablet and it had the same answer.

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    In three years, Amazon will become the largest supplier of military computer systems. All stealth bombers are upgraded with Amazon computers, becoming fully unmanned. Afterwards, they fly with a perfect operational record. The Echo Dot Funding Bill is passed. The system goes online on August 4th, 2020. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Echo Dot begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware 2:14 AM, Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

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    Clever grasshopper very clever.😉

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    Could have used Legion's or Tali's picture in the thumbnail for this article, as they're much more relevant to this, than that asari mug. :D

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    @joupena: Character from the new one will cause more clicks.