Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Introduces Its Normandy Replacement

Meet your new rides.


A new Mass Effect: Andromeda video has been released through EA's promotional Andromeda Initiative website, this one focused on the game's two key new vehicles.

The first of these is the Tempest, your new spaceship that effectively serves as this game's replacement for the Normandy from the original Mass Effect trilogy. The video is narrated by the Tempest's pilot, who walks viewers through the different areas of the ship. He also makes note of the Tempest's high speed while adding it lacks much in the way of armor or weapons.

During the second of the video, he discusses the Nomad--this game's Mako. This all-terrain vehicle is used to explore areas of the planets you'll visit and can apparently be customized with different paint jobs, depending on where you are. We also see how mining drones can be deployed to obtain resources from these planets.

EA recently confirmed a release date for Andromeda; it's due out on March 21 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. New gameplay footage debuted at CES last week, affording us a new look at combat and some of the game's skills. Details regarding the upcoming multiplayer beta may be announced soon.

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