Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Released, Watch It Here

"Fight for a new home."


After being teased yesterday, Mass Effect: Andromeda's launch trailer has now been released.

The video, which you can watch below, sets up the game's plot of humanity desperately searching for new homes. We also get a glimpse of some of Andromeda's worlds, as well as the game's new ship, the Tempest.

The video highlights how humanity and Andromeda's other species are capable of working together and fighting each other. It also heavily features the song "Human" by British singer Rag'n'Bone Man. Take a look at the trailer for yourself below.

The details keep coming for the sci-fi title, which is now less than two weeks away from being released. It was recently revealed that you can skip the game's multiplayer missions and still gain some of their rewards--find out how here. The game's multiplayer tech test has been canceled, however; developer BioWare said the cancellation was a "long story but right decision for how close we are to [going] live."

Although Andromeda won't have a multiplayer beta, a portion of the game will be available for a limited time early via EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access for PC starting on March 16. BioWare has confirmed that the Access version of the game will let you play multiplayer as much as you want, though single-player will be limited.

The full game launches on March 21 (March 23 in Europe) for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. For more on the sci-fi RPG, read our preview on how Mass Effect: Andromeda's characters deal with science and God, and why that's so exciting.

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Waiting for this to hit the bargain bin

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my god, the music wasn't that bad. What generation of people find this horrible? Yea lets recycle the same "epic" style music over and over again for scifi/action games. The music isn't my favorite, not saying that, but its not bad either. I honestly get tired of games/movies using the same ol crap epic music that doesn't sound any different from the last thousandth music composer that did stuff for this kind of genre.

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Ok, found a solution. Mute the sound of the trailer and play "Uncharted Worlds" from the original soundtrack of the first game in the background.

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worst choice of music ever. like.. really awful.

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omg what the awful soundtrack...

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This will be so epic

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so much whining in the comments:))))))

why are Gamespot users so negative all the time?! EA is evil, Bioware sucks now, animation is this, fugly women, god if u don't like it don't post about it, either u have nothing better to do than say negative stuff about everything or u know u will buy the game but u whine about it.

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@Pooya1881: Yeah sometimes it's ridiculous.

Regarding the "fugly women", it makes you wonder if they ever get out of their homes and look out how real women look. To me, one of the biggest mistakes of ME3 was to give EDI that ridiculous body. I mean, I like hot women, but that was just totally unnecessary. To me, this Kora looks quite nice and the asari (despite that froglike expression picture GS loves to use) looks good.

Regarding EA, they do this for the money and because they know we want it and will pay for it. That's not evil, it's just logical. As for Bioware story folks, just who cares at this point? No matter what they do, some people will hate it, they just cannot please everyone anyway.

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@ag_04: Wrong, all the women look awful in the game. Yet the male lead is traditionally attractive. It's like Bioware is going out of it's way to insult it's straight males. I'm still going to buy the game, when it's been out for half a year and is half off.

Not going to reward Bioware's disrespectful behavior by paying full price.

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@Pooya1881: 100% agree. If they dont like it just dont buy or watch

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Looks retarded. The simple choice of the music for this trailer was the first dud. Did nothing to inspire me. Go watch the trailer for Mass Effect 2 for a REAL trailer. This trailer goes to show the old Bioware is dead. Look at Halo 4 & 5. They suck now that Bungie is not the leading developer. Now that EA owns Mass Effect, it will never be the same. EA doesn't believe in story. Just blind dumb action. People will be trading this in by the hundreds within the first week because it will already be boring. Ill rent it for $5, which is what we should all be doing to send a strong message to EA once and for all.

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@utopia6: youre basing games off their trailers? Thats retarded.

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@Myron117:Give me a break. So you've never watched a movie trailer and said to yourself "This looks like its going to suck?", or simply put "This doesn't look like a good movie to me". If not, than you must be devoid of emotion, and thus aren't a reliable source to judge any game, movie, or person for that matter. Trolls ARE retarded. Thanks for proving my point.

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@utopia6: EA always owned Mass Effect, you haven't played the game yet, music was appropriate and good imo (Human- Rag'n'Bone Man)

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@Pooya1881No they didn't. Bioware was NOT always owned by EA. EA bought Bioware out after Mass Effect 2.

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@utopia6: EA did not always own Bioware, but they bought them before ME1 was released and not after ME2. Bioware being bought by EA is just an excuse people use to whine about games. the biggest EA bullshit came down on Dragon Age franchise rather than ME, i mean ME3 multiplayer had the shitty EA policy but DA2's rushed state and environment and ironically some DA:Inquisition vast empty environments are absolutely EA(irony in that EA pushed so hard to fix the biggest problem in DA2 then fell off the other end).

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@utopia6: I agree. Weak trailer. Did nothing for me. Poor music choice.

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@utopia6: Fix : Go watch the trailer for Mass Effect 3 for a REAL trailer (for me at least), and I agree on what you said.

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Virgin Ryder incoming. My virtual dick ain't going anywhere near those fugly women.

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Why...why am I not really hyped seeing this? I actually feel less interested in this now than I was before seeing the trailer, and I've preordered it. Oh well, I'll still give it a try.

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Don't see anything that interests me and I'm a sci-fi nut.

Looks like something 14-year olds would enjoy though.

PS: The default female protagonist model is plain fugly and the male one looks like a rape victim. Far from the tough heroic appeal of the previous models.

PS2: The bad aliens' design is laughable as well.

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@TashunkoSapa: your spiteful post looks like something a 14 year old would write.

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Not just laughable but so close in appearance and voice to the original series. Bioware has lost its way and even though it may not be true I blame EA for that.

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@sdzald: The facts are that this "works" in so far as sales are concerned. Gamers are ultimately like movie goers, we all just clamour for sequels and reboots because emotionally and physically investing in new IP is just too stressful for us. There is comfort in familiarity. The studios are ultimately just giving us what we want (= what sells) and it also serves to mitigate their risk; it's a win win. The only way to change this mentality is to STOP buying sequels and reboots (and as I say, we're just not going to do that because this IS what we want).

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@mdinger:Guess we are pretty dumb to. With gamefly, redbox, and the local movie rental store, we should be renting and not reserving. As long as EA counts on us to remain dumb in the sense of blindly overlooking their taking advantage of us with subpar content, we deserve what we get.

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We dream of avatars that don't look like total nimrods :)

More hype.


"It was recently revealed that you can skip the game's multiplayer missions and still gain some of their reward"

SOME being the key word. Sigggggghhhhhhhhh.

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This song is trans-galacticist. The Andromeda Initiative is supposed to be about finding a home for not only humans, but all of the Milky Way's snowflakes: Krogan, Salarians, Turians, Asari, Hanar, (this one's fingers are crossed), the Volus, Vorcha, Drell, Elcor, Batarians, Quarians, etc.

#FreeTheKeepers #NotMyCouncil #ThisOnesWithThatOne #VorchaLivesMatter #CitadelWasAnInsideJob

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Other than the visuals and combat. I can't help but feel underwhelmed from all they showcased. I remain optimistic for ME: Andromeda but it doesn't seem to invoke that inner excited gamer in me like the ME Trilogy.

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The song is straight up awful. Second time I watched it I had to turn off the sound. Whoever picked that song and certainly whoever signed off on the choice should be fired immediately. It doesn't fit with the trailer and it certainly doesn't fit with the ME universe.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy. They're only human....


You're absolutely right in my opinion though lol

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Please give me other romance options for a male Ryder than the bland human, and the asari parasite. If the turian female won't be one, then I at least want one of those new aliens. Otherwise I'll skip romance entirely..

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This launch trailer wasn't as epic as Mass Effect 3 but other then that, I like it but my hype has dwindle down a bet but nevertheless, I'll be there day one playing Andromeda on PC.

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I feel like the song choice doesn't fit but whatevs

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@moose-fitz: No worse than the Kenya West song that Ubisoft chose for one of their Assassin's Creed trailers....