Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets Companion App For Multiplayer

Introducing Apex HQ.


Mass Effect: Andromeda will let players stay connected to the game while they're out and about through a companion app for the game's multiplayer mode.

Called Apex HQ, the app tracks your progression in the mode, displaying information like which characters you've unlocked and what items and rewards you've collected. All the widgets on the home screen can be customized, so you can choose which ones show up and the order that they appear.

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You can also use the Apex HQ app to choose a loadout that will appear in the game the next time you log in. Additionally, you can see how you stand compared to friends and the community at large through leaderboards, while there is a store where you can buy cosmetic packs for multiplayer.

Importantly, in order for your stats to be tracked, you need to log into Apex HQ with the same EA Account that is linked to the platform you're playing on.

The app launches on March 20 for iOS and Android devices. Go to the Apex HQ website to learn more.

Andromeda launches on March 21 in North America for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you're an EA/Origin Access subscriber, you can start playing the game right now.

GameSpot will have a lot more on Andromeda in the coming days. The first part of our new video series, The Story of Mass Effect: Andromeda, airs this Saturday, March 18. You can watch a trailer for that here.

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Just what everybody really wanted out of a Mess Effect sequel.

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So... the app is worthless? Totally worthless? Cool.

Wish they would have invested more energy into the character creator, character designs and animations and less on promoting loot boxes.

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The link only shows an option to download the app for smartphones but you can't seem to access it on PC. Did I overlook something or is that really the only way?

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"Companion App needs access to:


Photos and Video

Full Network Access




GPS and Location


Payment Options

Biometric Devices

Pornographic Preferences

Federal Identification

Marketing opt-in automation


...but it's "free"

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@Pyrosa: 'Pornographic Preferences' Really?

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@ghost140: Gots to spice up those romantic scenes by knowing what kind of dirty you're down with!

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@ghost140: You sound worried. What are you hiding?

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I can't wait to ignore the app and multiplayer.

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Started yesterday finished the first "Intro" mission and jumped into multiplayer. Wish this app was available in the US already but oh well. If you are a fan of Mass Effect you will not be disappointed at all. The MP is very reminiscent of ME3. Many of my squad were having a blast and laughing as we forgot how hard Bronze was out the gate before unlocking a major arsenal of weapons and powers.

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@indigoj: Only thing I'm afraid of is that they'll shoehorn in identity politics, rather than legitimate time period relevant moral dilemmas. Homosexuality and women's rights work in the context of a medieval game, not a futuristic one. Not to mention actually having attractive female characters, not just attractive male characters.

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@malachai: I prefer it when the writers are a little more clever & a little less in your face.

Games like The Witcher series allow the player to think about race through the analogue of Elves & Dwarves being treated as lesser peoples, "non-humans". The player can see sh*tty people treating them badly but they can also encounter elves killing & stealing in raids. It's not a black & white picture saying, "these are the bad guys 'cause they're racist", it has imperfect people with imperfect opinions & world views & it invites the player to think about it & make their own conclusions.

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@malachai: If modern society accepted equal treatment for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual identity/orientation, then it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, it's not; just look what happens whenever the option of romancing a same-sex character in a game is given! There's people out there who lose their minds, thinking that they're having someone else's agenda shoved down their throat (even though it's just an option and not something you're required to do if you don't want to)!

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@ninjaroach81: I don't care if they have homosexuality in the game. I'm just scared they'll make it, or other identity politics, the main issue. Especially since one of the developers is very openly racist and inline with SJW philosophy, it seems this could be the case. I'm sure the game will be fun, I just don't want postmodernism to continue infecting great parts of modern culture.