Mass Effect: Andromeda Dev Merging With Motive Studios

BioWare Montreal and Motive Studios are merging.


Following the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda in March, Kotaku reported that staffers from developer BioWare Montreal were being reassigned to EA's Motive Studios, which is also based in Montreal. Now, EA has officially confirmed the merger.

"The teams in EA Worldwide Studios are packed with talent, and more than ever, we're driving collaboration between studios on key projects. With multiple major projects in development in Montreal, we are merging BioWare Montreal with Motive Studios," an EA spokesperson told "This is an ongoing process, but there are many exciting roles and opportunities for everyone on the team."

BioWare's other studios, including those in Edmonton and Austin, are still operating as normal. Recently, BioWare announced that veteran Casey Hudson returned to BioWare to become the general manager of the Edmonton team, which is making Anthem.

The BioWare Montreal developers who moved to Motive Studios are reportedly working on Star Wars: Battlefront II. The studio, which is headed up by Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond, is also working on a "gigantic," Assassin's Creed-style action game and possibly other projects as well.

BioWare Montreal opened in 2009. The overview page of its website states up front, "BioWare Montreal was built from the ground up to be a standalone studio."

The merger between BioWare Montreal and Motive was referenced last week during EA's latest earnings call. CFO Blake Jorgensen said at the time (via SeekingAlpha), "We brought our BioWare Montreal team into that same facility, so they now all sit in one new studio together."

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I hope Jade Raymond will fire all these SJW's and racists trash who screwed ME:A so badly...

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EA is a disease worst than cancer. Their true talent is ruin a talented and successful company so it doesn't become bigger than them; Black hole.

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I guess there's no chance of any more Mass Effect games then. Thanks for destroying Mass Effect EA and Bioware. The game needed more time in the oven but the suits said it had to be out by fiscal, so the game committed suicide.

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R.I.P Bioware and R.I.P Mass Effect ! You were loved.

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This just in, Bioware is still dead!

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EA destroyed Bioware.

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@zura_janai: Its amazing how many people believe EA make terrible games yet they sat comfortably atop the Metacritic publisher charts in 2016...

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@zura_janai: They really didn't. BioWare is way bigger than they were before being bought, and they've made some of their best games since then. Some bad ones too, but not all their pre EA games were hits either.

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and with this any change to get that story dlc some of us were waiting for has gone down the sewer.

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you give 'em a job which is way bigger than they can handle and they fail inevitably at it and now you dismantle them and put the sole blame on them. what an EA thing to do

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@Pooya1881: I mean, if a BioWare studio can't handle making AAA RPGs, they really aren't much use as a separate studio, are they?

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@Mogan: that depends if the Studio is support or not. every big company out there has em but they do not rely upon those studios to deliver their big games, which EA and Bioware management did with Andromeda so the main studios keep working on something else and maybe more profitable and now that it failed EA pulled the rug on Bioware.

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Feminism ruined Bioware. Sad :-(

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@Gencic: I'm sure you'd love that narrative to be true, but it really isn't. Andromeda was bad for real traditional reasons: Bad writing, under cooked design, lot's of bugs. You could make every character in the game straight, white, and pretty and it wouldn't improve that game in any significant way.

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@Mogan: I agree. ME: Andromeda was a flop show to begin with. Why have a brand new galaxy at all ? The Milky Way still has so much to offer. Even if they wanted to go ahead with a prequel of sorts before the Shepard saga. No Bioware just took EA's money and gave us a SJW experimentation gone horribly wrong. So in other words, the inception in itself was weak.

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@starjay009: Well, the Milky Way would have been real tricky because the end of ME3 involves galaxy altering events no matter which button you press. Andromeda could have been a prequel, but then you still have the problem of not making it's story too cool or it starts to steal the original trilogies thunder and why were none of these events ever mentioned in the previous game?

Starting with a clean slate, in a new galaxy was probably their best option to make a big, BioWare style RPG. And they tried, there's plenty of potential in Andromeda, it just never realizes any of it because the whole game feels super rushed and half baked, and the writing is truly terrible (which is really the most surprising/disappointing thing for me, since both BioWare and Mass Effect are known for their great writing).

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@Gencic: Yes, never mind the repetitive missions, blandly written and designed characters, wobbly legs, broken missions, etc,; it was the feminism that ruined the Bioware. Hahaha. It really messed with you IMMERSION didn't it?

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@nibbin1191: "Inquisition handled the LGBT and gender stuff pretty well."

uh, no it didnt. It was cringy as f for the most part. Inquisition was also a terrible game with some pretty artstyle, nothing else

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@nibbin1191: Common opinion doesnt necessarily mean its the right one. Those are the same reviewers who gave GTA IV near perfect scores and pretty much anyone agrees now that game was overrated as f. DA:I combat is basic, quest design is atrocious (a MMORPG desguised as a SP RPG), bland characters that barely anyone even talks about today (you can see ME trilogy characters and DA: Origin characters still being mentioned from time to time on several forums, you dont see any DA: I character. Face it, its characters will go into oblivion, just like ME:A characters will), convoluted and uninteresting lore thats tries way too hard to be "complex" (a thousand foreign names being thrown around =/= complex). DA:I is a terrible game. Yeah, its my opinion but my opinion isnt worth any less than those paid "reviewers" people like to quote as if they cant form an opinion on their own

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@nibbin1191: Handling LGBT stuff is OK (I'm a member of LGBT by the way). Having enforced gender quotas reduces the capacity of a company and this is what we saw with Andromeda.

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Sounds like the best thing to do at this point. Best of luck to them.

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"We're firing a bunch of people and can no longer rationalize two studios, so they're merging with the few we will continue to employ from BioWare Montreal."


That's pretty much what's happening here.

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@endofaugust: I don't think they've actually fired anybody. When they first started talking about moving folks from Montreal to Motive, they said they nobody was losing their job.