Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Editions and Preorder Bonuses Detailed

Come get your sweet, sweet exclusive bourgeois gear.

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Details of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s preorder bonuses and deluxe editions are live on the Origin store, and break down as follows:

Deep Space Explorer Armor
Deep Space Explorer Armor

All Preorders:

Anyone that preorders the game, no matter which edition they choose, will receive the Deep Space Explorer Armor, a multiplayer booster pack containing five 50% XP boosters, and a bonus skin for your ship, the Nomad.

Standard Edition (USD$59.99)

Just the game, unless you preordered.

Deluxe Edition (USD$69.99)

Those that choose the Deluxe Edition will also receive the Pathfinder Casual Outfit, Scavenger Armor, the Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set containing four unique weapons, a Pet Pyjack (a space monkey) that will join you on your journey, a digital download of the game’s official soundtrack, and the Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack containing a brace of weapons and equipment for you to use on co-op missions.

Super Deluxe Edition (USD$99.99)

The even more Deluxe than the others Super Deluxe Edition comes with all of the above, and the Multiplayer Super Deluxe Booster Packs, providing one co-op premium pack every week for twenty weeks.

Come and check out everything we know about Mass Effect: Andromeda, slated for release in March 2017.

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Avatar image for bottyburp

Pre-order bonus or dlc, usually means unfinished bugged to **** game. Steer clear.

Avatar image for ezioismyname

I'll take a game that works and buy it a month after it comes out.

Avatar image for KaptenHaddock

I've pre-ordered just about one game in my life so far - that was Mass Effect 3.

I'm not pre-ordering anything again.

Avatar image for illage2

So I see they are focusing on Multiplayer. Well no reason to buy this then as the game will not recieve any story or single player expansions. Not worth the money.

Avatar image for wasteland2058

I hope they don't waste too much time on the multiplayer side of the game since they're all the same, hope it's a good lasting story with lots of stuff to do. Wouldn't mind a game with lots of replay value either, been a while since I had one of those.

Avatar image for TigusVidiks

the thumb nail info does sum it up.
"Consider spending more money on the pre-order to mess up your early game gear progression. "
Briliant. :P

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Might get the deluxe for the soundtrack. The Super Deluxe doesn't seem worth it.

Avatar image for spinierblaked

I think I'll buy the Collector's Edition just to spite the people in this comment section.

Avatar image for the-games-masta

Standard edition it is then

Avatar image for Slash_out

59.99 on their origin store? Is EA f*cking kidding?

No game on pc should cost that much anymore, even more so if it's a DIGITAL version !!! And even that more so when it's sold on their own store, meaning no one else but them take a cut !! This is insulting.

The "deluxe" packages are ridiculous as well.

When awesome games are sold at 39.99 and 49.99 on steam, how can you justify those prices? They better not dare talk about piracy. Because that game is going to be pirated the sh*t out of it because of that price.

Avatar image for spinierblaked

@Slash_out: Why are you mad? This is basic economics. You price your product where supply meets demand. Games have launched at $60 for like, 10 years. What rock have you been living under?

Avatar image for Slash_out

@spinierblaked: It doesn't matter if it's basic economics (it's not btw). Supply here, is infinite.

Games have launched on consoles at that price for years. It was even more expensive in the 80/early 90s. Yup I was there then, where you ?

But it's not the case anymore, things change, unless the game is published by EA or Activision games at that price have been getting rarer and rare on pc. Didn't you notice? Whar rock have YOU been living under then?

Now why am I complaining? Because I can. Because if you shut your trap nothing changes. Because I'm smart (yup) and I want to change things. Now I am going to vote with my wallet, I am going to voice my opinion and if all people don't react like you. maybe we'll get a decent price on our games, even EA games, in a few years.

Avatar image for hootymcboob

@Slash_out: If you can remember game prices in the 80s and 90s, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you're a full-grown adult and therefore should have no problem affording a $60 video game. Also, do you have any idea how astronomically expensive it is to develop and market a video game?

Avatar image for spinierblaked

@Slash_out: New games always launch at $60 on all platforms. And what's with people acting like $60 is a ton of money. If I play a game for dozens or hundreds of hours, like I do with Mass Effect, then the value is 100% worth it. I'll vote with my wallet too, by buying the game. I'll probably even buy it multiple times just to nulify your protest.

Avatar image for TigusVidiks

@spinierblaked: triple A games have been 59.99 for a long time? Where? Let me know Cause I sure would like to get a complete triple A game for that price. For Mass Effect? Your not going to pay 60 bucks, are you crazy? For that price you'll get half the game.

I remember when 15 years ago the PR of the publishers was also saying that digital format and release day DLC was not as bad as people were perceiving it, because it would actually bring the price down at the same time it would give more freedom for people to buy the parts they liked of a game (dumb as dumb argumentation can be), and at the time, same as now there were also those who chose to believe them and vote positively with their wallets. Today, games are sold in digital format with no production cost (box, dvd manual, paper art = abolished = no cost) but prices are higher than ever. Games are sold on parcels, even when you complete the puzzle they have 1/3 of the length games used to have, and to have the full experience you will end up paying 100 to 120 bucks for the full game. And you think it's great if you get 30 to 40 hours out of it. What can I say...

Avatar image for spinierblaked

@TigusVidiks: Why do people act like physical media has just vanished. Physical games absokutely still are a thing, just go to your local Best Buy, Gamestop or Wallmart and see for yourself. I haven't purchased a single digital game in my life. If you don't like DLC, then don't buy it. Even the stock Mass Effect is good for 30-40 hours.

Avatar image for Deano

@Slash_out: new games from large developers are selling for $60 on steam, example watch dogs 2 and dishonored 2 are both $60 currently on steam as new releases.

Avatar image for Lionheart8472

@Slash_out: But they aren't. What "awesome" triple A games are sold on Steam for less than $49.99 these days?

Yes there are lots of great games for cheap, but nothing on this scale.

I still agree with you though, games are getting out of whack price wise, and it almost seems like a joke from Deluxe to Super Deluxe edition...

Avatar image for Slash_out

@Lionheart8472@Deano There are games AAA games at that price. While a lot of games are fighting it out at the bottom of the price totem as you say, many big games are toping out at 49.99 or even at 39.99$, The Witcher 3, DE: Mankind divided, Xcom 2, and so on. Those are just exemples I remember as I bought them.

I really find that there is no excuse for a 59.99$ digital game, there is no phsyical medium anymore. They don't pay the materials, printing, shipping, boxing, storing and all the intermediaries between them and the client. This is even more true if it's published on their own plateform... This one also has in game purchases!

Avatar image for bigdegs

Pre-order to cheat in multiplayer. Pay an extra $10 to really cheat in multiplayer. Pay an extra $40 to super-deluxe cheat in multiplayer.

Hope that Pyjack is available in-game, cuz I sure as hell am not paying $10 extra for it and some single-player cheats. I have no problem with them offering skins and physical goods for extra $$$, but anything that affects the in-game balance I'll label for what it is: a cheat.

Avatar image for freeryu

@bigdegs: Would you really feel hurt that someone has a better weapon or character than you in a 4 player survival gametype??

Avatar image for bigdegs

@freeryu: Only mildly. Would be far worse in a competitive type setup.

I look at Mass Effect's multiplayer as co-opetition, where you are working together, but still competing for the highest score. So yes, it does bother me, but not as much as pure competition.

Avatar image for freeryu

@bigdegs: Be good at the game and you won't have to worry. I sometimes run the most generic build, a human soldier, I top scoreboard every time, if not I'll be in second. If people want to spend extra money on the game only to be at the bottom, I don't see the problem.

Avatar image for bigdegs

@freeryu: Not sure why people accept this kind of thing in video games when there would be hell to pay if you could buy advantages in traditional games, like sports. Can you imagine in baseball if you could pay extra to start the game with one run, or you're allowed four strikes, or you could have an extra outfielder? It's a handicap, but one not based on skill level.

@gruntreaper: lol I get out plenty. I'm not even a big online multiplayer guy. I simply don't like the direction the industry is heading and I'm uncomfortable with gamers' indifference to it.

Avatar image for freeryu

@bigdegs: I'm not sure either. Why buy a game only to pay extra for some characters or guns that might be good.

Avatar image for gruntreaper

@bigdegs: You should get out more...

Avatar image for joesguy

I'll edition of the game, because I know better. This game will tank hard.

Avatar image for leblnk

@joesguy: WHY do feel like it will? Inform us all, please.

Avatar image for twztid13

I really hope EA didn't make them focus on MP to the detriment of the SP campaign, but I fear they did with this initial offering of 20 MP premium packs for $30 extra. EA never met a game they didn't believe they could sell map packs for, while the SP DLC takes much more effort and investment (and it has to be good). The MP DLC, even if only co-op, will sell simply because gamers have friends that bought it (just so they won't be left out, and before they hear if it's worth the funds from friends or reviewers). Campaign DLC will get passed up by MANY if it's only 2 hours of content for $20, or if it's a genuinely bad story, or adds no new story, etc. The kids... they will kill someone for a $20 map pack if all their friends are playing it & they are told someone is about to replace them on their squad if they can't get the DLC, so they'll find the funds. Not the case with SP DLC. They'll just wait for a sale or birthday/Christmas to get it IF it's good & getting talked about on gaming sites, or within their group of friends.

I realize it's a straight business decision, but in the past, devs catered to their fans a LOT more, and made content that the gamers wanted (being fans themselves helped, too). Now, they seem they are at the point where they think they know what's best for their audience, better than that group knows themselves (feelin' the Bern, maybe?). That doesn't work in the long run, but I'm not sure if that's at the point in the future where the populace has moved their interest to robot building, or other new tech trends (since every game at that time would be MP only & free to pay), and only the "true gamers" (non loaded) are still interested in buying games (they have probably been buying Indie games on the black market for a decade at this point, but the industry would be at a "change or die" point), OR if some of the devs that used to care about the fans way back then will get into some of the powerful positions at these companies and make decisions that strive for long term gain and customer loyalty, rather than the "get rich quick", or "leave no money on the table - someone's gonna get it, why not us" mentality. The latter could happen sooner rather than later, and indeed already has, but since the immediate gains may not be apparent (and certainly don't match up to an EA, and the likes), the company stockholders (who certainly are not comprised of gamers, nor do that have the gamers best interest at heart) force them out.

Ubisoft, taking a 1 year break & not including MP in Assassins Creed 22, may have taken a step in the gamer's direction, but we'll have to wait and see. If they look solely at the most recent game's sales to validate the reversion, it may not last long (and that would signal that change may have been done for a different reason rather than appeasing the fans of the original scope of the game, who would prefer the time and effort spent on adding & continually refining MP to be spent on the campaign and new ideas there instead. Cutting out MP content/workers and not using these resources for SP would be a meaningless decision, as the complaint has always been that companies take these resources away from the SP content. If the game continued to be released bi-annually, a game with loads of content would give the gamers their fill until the next iteration (even if it meant meaningful content in the form of a season pass, and not just skin changes & a new mode of 1 new environment if we're lucky. It would possibly bring about the resurgence of expansions). A company executive would argue that they could make 2 season passes, and another $60 game out of the content that those same MP team resources could create, which leads gamers to (some) entirely new arguments with the execs when they try to go back to 2 games with 2 season passes each, every 2 years, even though they'd all potentially be SP content.

Avatar image for noshotskill

So the default version of the game it is...

Avatar image for Dilandau88


Avatar image for LPDisturbedHU

Throw in digital versions of Mass Effect 2&3 for Xbox 360/One and I'll pre-order in a heartbeat.

Avatar image for Pyro_wolf

Annnnd EA finally shows it's contribution.

Avatar image for siarhei

So let me see, they are asking $30 more for something that you can get for free by playing the game? The insanity...

I hope CE edition offers something more tangible...

Avatar image for snugglebear

Are these really preorder bonuses or is it just the stuff you get for buying that edition?

Avatar image for nickpeck36

I just did the deluxe because I had some extra credit on my account that I forgot about. I really want to play the SP part of the game but I totally loved the MP of ME3 so I'm hoping it's as good / better than that. I loved the biotic explosion adept class / spec, soooo much fun.

Avatar image for leblnk

@nickpeck36: ME3 multi-player was a lot of fun. Definitely one of my favorites muti-players from last gen.

I ran Adept and Tech a lot w/ my trusty sniper/Infiltrator. Really enjoyed all the classes.

Avatar image for freeryu

@leblnk: Human Soldier with the M-99 Saber here lol. Most people not playing gold or higher needs the help.

Avatar image for leblnk

@freeryu: Soldier was a lot of fun when people basically ran the same loadout.

I cant recall a multiplayer in recent mind that I was that addicted to. So much fun.

Avatar image for freeryu

@leblnk: Yeah hopefully they don't mess it up with this next game.

Avatar image for davillain-

As an Origin member, I get 10% off for the standard edition and so with that, I'm getting the standard edition and I don't need MP BS boost, I'll play the MP and earn my rewards the old fashion way.

Avatar image for pdfanboy

Meh... I'll stick with the Standard Edition.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Avatar image for julittok

What's the point in getting extra gear and ruining the difficulty curve of the game that the developers worked so hard to achieve. If you are playing a game and you start with a gun and three bullets that's the way it's supposed to be.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@julittok: The thing is, some of that gear can and hopefully will be useful even as you progress further into the game. I really hope they don't choose to go with a throwaway weapon system as you can find in most other games.

The extra weapons you could get in earlier ME games also didn't really give you much of an advantage, they were just different, maybe slightly better ones that you couldn't get normally.

Avatar image for BlackBaldwin

Pushing those microtransactions i see not surprised hated the DA3 multiplayer i doubt i will even try to play ME4 multi part unless im forced to like ME3 did..

Avatar image for leblnk

@BlackBaldwin: If they expand on ME3 MP...great. After I'm finished with the story (first go-around), I'll absolutely hop on regularly.

If they try and rip off..say..Overwatch, I'll pass and never touch it.

Avatar image for skipper847

To be white is racist period. To be anything else just use your racist card.

Avatar image for nickyparmar92

For a moment I thought they were trying to sell Day One DLC.