Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition Added To EA Access

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Mass Effect: Andromeda might have put the franchise on the back burner for a while, but EA hasn't given up on the sci-fi game quite yet. Mass Effect: Andromeda deluxe edition is now available via EA Access on Xbox One and PC.

If you've already played Mass Effect: Andromeda, this might be the perfect opportunity to revisit it. Revealed via Twitter after a tease in October, all EA Access members will be able to play the base game itself, but get a few extras for the journey as well.

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The deluxe version of the game includes the Pathfinder Elite weapon set, Deep Space Explorer armor, Scavenger armor, two Pathfinder casual outfits, skins for the Nomad all-terrain vehicle, a pet Pyjak, a digital soundtrack, and the multiplayer deluxe launch and booster packs.

BioWare ceased its support of the title in August, but even if we won't see another Mass Effect game for a while, it's not the definitive end. A delayed novel, Mass Effect: Annihilation, is set to release June 2018.

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