Mass Effect 3 players prefer male Shepard

BioWare reveals 82 percent of all gamers played male hero in spacefaring action RPG; soldier most popular single-player class.


Mass Effect 3

BOSTON--Mass Effect 3 players prefer a male Shepard. As part of a PAX East presentation today, BioWare revealed that 82 percent of gamers played a male Commander Shepard in the game.

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BioWare also shared a range of other statistics for Mass Effect 3 during the panel today. According to the developer's data, the soldier was the most used single-player class at 48.7 percent.

In addition, the developer said 64.5 percent of Mass Effect 3 gamers played Paragon, while the remaining 36.5 percent played Renegade.

The Mass Effect presentation is happening now. Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

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